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Freedom and Authority

The following is an excerpt from William Placher’s book review of Oliver O’Donovan’s The Ways of Judgment in The Christian Century. The Rev. O’Donovan is the Regius Professor of Moral and Pastoral Theology at Oxford University: Freedom, O’Donovan insists, doesn’t … Continue reading

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AA 20: The Lay Apostolate in Associations

AA 20 treats it: Many decades ago the laity in many nations began to dedicate themselves increasingly to the apostolate. They grouped themselves into various kinds of activities and societies which, while maintaining a closer union with the hierarchy, pursued … Continue reading

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Summing Up Sunday

Brigid might have me confused with somebody else who does this sort of thing, but I’m in a blogging mood on lunch break, so what the heck … We have a new priest in the parish, a Jesuit returned to … Continue reading

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Small Stuff, Like Spelling

There are typos, and then there are spelling errors consistently made. I’m always amused at how conservative St Bloggers continue to misspell the LA cardinal’s name. It’s almost as though the only thing they ever read about him is the … Continue reading

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The Myth of the Liturgical Establishment

Trust me: it really is a myth. FrMichael in the comment box below asked about the “Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions, NAPM, magazines like Worship and Ministry & Liturgy, the BCL, diocesan liturgists, NPM, OCP, GIA, LTP, and the like” … Continue reading

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Latin and Tridentine

John Allen relates an interview with Bishop Donald Wuerl on the synod’s biggest “non-issue.” JA: A synod is sometimes as important for what it doesn’t say as for what it does. How do you interpret the near-total silence on the … Continue reading

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At Concert

My friends Diana and Bob gave a concert last night. They’re members of the small choir & ensemble that sings at our parish’s 9AM Sunday Mass. But I’ve never had a chance to see their concert performance. It was outstanding, … Continue reading

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What is a Good Sermon? (part III)

Our attention might be elsewhere today, but I’d like to continue to meditate on preaching. Very quickly, then, in my earlier attempts, I wrote that giving and listening to a sermon is an entrance into that same movement of the … Continue reading

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We’re In A Movie

It’s here, on the Messenger mission web page. It’s not one of the JPL biggies, but it might well prove to be one of the top space missions of the next decade. I always thought Mercury seemed to be too … Continue reading

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The Conditional Apology

  Have you noticed them? They usually begin, “If I have offended someone …”Air Force football coach Fisher DeBerry was understandably upset about losing 48-10 to TCU last weekend. He said the opposing school “had a lot more Afro-American players … Continue reading

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Will Ozzie Be Next?

  Now that Miers has withdrawn from consideration, that’s the question. The Miers nomination has the whiff of being a Bush choice all the way. It seems like it was a choice the president insisted upon and nobody in his … Continue reading

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What’s an Education for?

The following is from today’s BBC “Thought For The Day,” delivered by Dom Anthony Sutch, former headmaster and monk of Downside Abbey: So the essential heart of the system is the expectation of the best. To that end we need … Continue reading

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Verticality and Warfare

Liam tells me that my previous post on light and darkness was more suitable for Romanesque cathedrals. I’ll give it another go. Robert Barron, in his Heaven in Stone and Glass, has us meditate on something obvious about Gothic cathedrals … Continue reading

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Why Persecution of the Church Isn’t Considered News

Pardon this partially formed thought, but as I was digesting one of Rock’s recent posts, the discussion steered in part into how NPR ignores stories of persecuted Catholics in the world. Why, it was asked, do some news outlets seem … Continue reading

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Light and Darkness

I’m rather busy this week, but I can contribute a couple excerpts. I’ve been reading Fr Robert Barron’s little book, Heaven in Stone and Glass: Experiencing the Spirituality of the Gothic Cathedrals. It is a series of short meditations that … Continue reading

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