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That Look

Anita acquired the dvd of Monty Python and the Holy Grail last week. One scene erupts in my mind, as I read the varied conservative outcry about the Miers nomination. As difficult as it might be for peasants to fathom … Continue reading

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Viatorian Throws Down the Liturgical Gauntlet

Rock is the man of the hour for your up-to-date synod stuff. So go there. He reports this gem from Father Mark Francis, Superior General of the Viatorians. That’s as in not victorian. Read: If the synod is to have … Continue reading

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Looking at Communion for the Re-Married

It’s on the agenda, seemingly. Zenit touches on it. You can get a bit more from the Italian news agency ANSA: Monsignor Pierre Antoine Paulo, bishop of Haiti, said that “under certain conditions” the Catholic Church allowed communion to be … Continue reading

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At the Synod

Zenit reported briefly on the question of ordaining married men to the priesthood. Cardinal Scola of Venice shot down the idea quickly, citing the tired old arguments. “The cardinal considered it superfluous to reiterate “the profound theological motives which have … Continue reading

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What’s with the LMC?

I noticed the Lectionary for Masses with Children is on the docket for the USCCB meeting next month. This passed under my radar; anybody know what’s up with it, other than the provisional okay granted by the CDWDS in ’92? … Continue reading

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On Military Culture

A thoughtful post on Hallowed Ground got me to thinking. Many of my family members served in the military in previous generations. I have a step-niece and maybe some distant cousins serving today. I’ve known many military folks and their … Continue reading

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AA13: Christians in the Community

The lay apostolate par excellence: … the effort to infuse a Christian spirit into the mentality, customs, laws, and structures of the community in which one lives, is so much the duty and responsibility of the laity that it can … Continue reading

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Saint Francis Day

In the July 2, 2005 issue of the Tablet, the Scottish Episcopal priest Michael Northcott wrote, “In his inaugural homily as Pope, Benedict XVI used the metaphor of the desert to link ecological destruction and the moral exploitation and spiritual … Continue reading

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