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The RadTrads Aren’t Going To Like This

Pope Pius XIII, anybody? Whoever seeks peace and the good of the community with a pure conscience, and keeps alive the desire for the transcendent, will be saved even if he lacks biblical faith, says Benedict XVI.

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Rhea Up Close

This image was taken when Cassini was about 325 miles from Rhea. Lots of small craters, but a few larger ones seem seriously malformed by geological activity. The resolution is about 50 to 100 feet I think. A bit rougher … Continue reading

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Commentariat on Commonweal on ICEL

Ha. It’s online; I didn’t need to wait till Fr John finished his latest dose of Commonweal. Amy’s commentariat is already in full swing, heading toward a hundred-post thread by tomorrow. I read the article earlier today and I found … Continue reading

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Commonweal, Liturgy, and the Fab Four

Rock is naturally up on the latest Commonweal. I saw it on my pastor’s desk yesterday, but he said I’ll have to wait till he’s done for me to read it. I did catch Terry Gross interviewing Bob Spitz, the … Continue reading

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Here Comes the Bride … Singing?

A basic article on wedding music by Lucy Carroll in the same Adoremus caught my eye, mainly for this single comment: In the frantic days immediately after the Second Vatican Council, I remember reading of an “experimental” and short-lived wedding … Continue reading

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“Where Have We Put Him?”

A nice opinion piece in Adoremus by a Washington state priest, Father W. Roy Floch. Nice, of course, in the sense it is well-written, thoughtful, and honest. Nice also in the sense that it confirms much of my recent thinking … Continue reading

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The Princess Line?

I kid you not. Peruse here. Also, my first exposure to this compound word: praisewear. That’s not pray-swear. But that wouldn’t be far off from some people’s reaction to liturgical dance.

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Clerical Narcissism

I dropped the bomb on this yesterday. I should probably explain my thinking. First, narcissism is a personality quirk that knows no ideology. Musicians, tempted by the performance aspect of their art, are quite vulnerable. But musicians of all sorts: … Continue reading

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DH 10: No Coercion

Dignitatis Humanae 10 tells it true: no one is to be forced to become a Christian. This doctrine is contained in the word of God and it was constantly proclaimed by the Fathers of the Church. The act of faith … Continue reading

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DH 9: Human Dignity

Dignitatis Humanae 9 reads: The declaration of this Vatican Council on the right of man to religious freedom has its foundation in the dignity of the person, whose exigencies have come to be are fully known to human reason through … Continue reading

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“There is not, in fact, an easy solution”

By saying this, Cardinal Walter Kasper, somewhere in the St Blogodrome, is being vilified as a heretic. It matters not that the Cardinal said this: If we want to remain faithful to Jesus’ words, we can only say that, when … Continue reading

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Lessons from Tethys

The massive impact basin Odysseus (280 miles across) is at top. Note a cluster of mountain peaks at the center of it. The crater on the lower rim is Melanthius. The central peak is barely in the light, as you … Continue reading

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Dad & Daughter

Courtesy the godparents, from First Communion Day.

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“Poverty Is My Vocation”

Today is the unofficial feast for Dorothy Day. I feel that all families should have the conveniences and comforts which modern living brings and which do simplify life, and give time to read, to study, to think, and to pray. … Continue reading

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Post Expulsion Interview

David Hartline has a tame interview with Wynette and Katelyn Sills. The former was the California mom who pressed for action on one of her daughter’s high school teachers who had been active as a Planned Parenthood abortion escort. The … Continue reading

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