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DH 9: Human Dignity

Dignitatis Humanae 9 reads: The declaration of this Vatican Council on the right of man to religious freedom has its foundation in the dignity of the person, whose exigencies have come to be are fully known to human reason through … Continue reading

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“There is not, in fact, an easy solution”

By saying this, Cardinal Walter Kasper, somewhere in the St Blogodrome, is being vilified as a heretic. It matters not that the Cardinal said this: If we want to remain faithful to Jesus’ words, we can only say that, when … Continue reading

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Lessons from Tethys

The massive impact basin Odysseus (280 miles across) is at top. Note a cluster of mountain peaks at the center of it. The crater on the lower rim is Melanthius. The central peak is barely in the light, as you … Continue reading

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Dad & Daughter

Courtesy the godparents, from First Communion Day.

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“Poverty Is My Vocation”

Today is the unofficial feast for Dorothy Day. I feel that all families should have the conveniences and comforts which modern living brings and which do simplify life, and give time to read, to study, to think, and to pray. … Continue reading

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Post Expulsion Interview

David Hartline has a tame interview with Wynette and Katelyn Sills. The former was the California mom who pressed for action on one of her daughter’s high school teachers who had been active as a Planned Parenthood abortion escort. The … Continue reading

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Liturgy E-Conference

Zenit reports on “Architecture, Art and Music at the Service of the Liturgy,” a conference to be held tomorrow. Real Player needed, link to the conference is here. By the way, I won’t be there. I have a hot breakfast … Continue reading

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Shaw on the Lay Apostolate

Zenit carries it, and even the questioner didn’t seem to get the gist of what Russell Shaw was saying. Unlike the pre-Vatican II understanding of lay apostolate found in the Catholic Action movement — the idea, that is, that the … Continue reading

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Update on ESCR “Sermons”

I’ve heard there was some report on the Sunday night news locally that all priests had preached on this in all parishes this past weekend. The chancery was fielding calls yesterday asking why their parish priest didn’t, so apparently we … Continue reading

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The Plumes of Enceladus

Check the Cassini link on the side bar for the whole story. These are ice geysers spouting material from the moon’s southern hemisphere. Inside the moon, water is in a liquid state. On the surface, the ambient temperature is cold … Continue reading

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Whine To The Bishop

You’d think the first letter-to-the-new-bishop from our parish would be a liturgical complaint. Well. You’d think it, but no. The complaint was that our clergy didn’t preach this weekend on Embryonic Stem Cell Research as requested by the Missouri bishops. … Continue reading

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Males in Churches

It’s a problem shared by most all of us. That U Washington study I’ve linked before confirmed that every major world religion, including the ones perceived as male-dominated in hierarchy, have more women than men participating. Though we know women … Continue reading

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DH 8: Proper and Disciplined Use of Religious Freedom

Dignitatis Humanae 8 acknowledges situations in which people feel various pressures compromising their religion, judgment, and conscience. But … On the other hand, not a few can be found who seem inclined to use the name of freedom as the … Continue reading

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