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Mars Is Definitely Not “No Place”

You can get a slew of images from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter here, including this remarkable overview of Western Utopia Planitia. I wonder if the first parish there will take Thomas More as its patron? Did you know that the … Continue reading

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Composers, Compete!

Are you sad about a non-Catholic getting to play his winning song for the pope? To win this BBC competition, you have four weeks to put together your best effort. Here are the rules.

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The Dione Variations

Here’s the latest image of Dione featured on the Cassini site. And here’s how the mission scientists describe it for the surfing public: Significant variations in the density of impact craters on the surface of Dione can be seen here, … Continue reading

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Eucharisticum Mysterium 4: Purpose of the Document

In the last post on Eucharisticum Mysterium, the Consilium outlined the six major post-conciliar points for liturgical reform. We learn in this section that this document is intended to provide a foundation for lay formation on the Eucharist, with an … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Drycleaning Vestments

Just a curious question for those with experience: how often would you dryclean clergy vestments? I’ll confess this is a gap in my liturgical know-how. Most guys I’ve worked for took care of them on their own. But now I’m … Continue reading

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Motumania, Pudding Queue Style

Motumania. You’ve gotta love the word. I think I like it more than MaChurch. Hope is kept alive in some quarters like girl scouts trying to eke out a last round of smores from a day-old fire a body could … Continue reading

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Shirk The Protests

Rock reports on the outcry from conservatives intent on doing an Archbishop Burke on an Australian pop star, who after having his song selected as “theme” for next year’s World Youth Day, seemed to have a rather uncritical stance toward … Continue reading

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Making and Naming Saints

What did you name your child? A few years ago, someone commented on the “non-Christian” name for my daughter, unaware, I think, that she was adopted. My wife and I had indeed discussed renaming our child. I even spent an … Continue reading

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Eucharisticum Mysterium 3: Themes From Recent History

This is a very long section, but there are important points that give us a good perspective as to the early post-conciliar approach to liturgical reform. In order these would be: The sense of the Paschal Mystery as central to … Continue reading

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“Take from us all doubt and mistrust”

O Lord God, in whom we live and move and have our being, open our eyes that we may behold thy presence ever with us. Draw our hearts to thee with the power of thy love. Teach us to be … Continue reading

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