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Burke’s Agent of Death

It’s hard to know where to start in this embarassing escapade. Randall Terry, office renter, captures Archbishop Burke on camera, supposedly to reinforce morale for the troops. And the video ends up at a press conference. This would be one … Continue reading

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RCIA 12: The Role of the Bishop

Is the bishop some far-off person in the initiation picture? Traditionally (by this I mean the early centuries, not 1962) the bishop was directly responsible in many ways, most especially discernment with Christians-to-be and in the liturgies of the catechumenate. … Continue reading

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I have to confess I think most public protesting is a pretty lame operation. When I listen to NPR, they usually play a five second clip of people chanting some weak slogan (“One, two, two-point-five, three: out the door with … Continue reading

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RCIA 11: Godparents

Let’s get back on topic with RCIA, shall we? In the last post, covering section 10, the Church covered the role of sponsor. The more serious role of godparent is next up: 11. Their godparents (for each a godmother or … Continue reading

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A Critic On Criticism

Genoa’s archbishop, Angelo Bagnasco defends the pope. While his loyalty is admirable, and a credit to the man and our pope, the details presented on Zenit show the cardinal to be a bit innocent. People mistrust authority these days, and often with good … Continue reading

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Double Standard

There is no way a university is going to disinvite the president. Thomas Reese points out that when it comes to inviting pro-choice speakers and giving them honors, archbishops get the leeway for the call, and universities don’t: This is … Continue reading

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Chaput Plays The Game

Archbishop Chaput, no doubt, makes for an impressive figure. Like a few other bishops, he does a good bit of travelling, giving conferences at invitation, writing books, and putting himself, his name, and his ideas out there. It reminds me … Continue reading

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My wife has Star Trek: Next Generation on in the background, one of the better season 2 episodes, “Elementary, Dear Data.” Episode and series contradict the premise of my post. There seems to be much congratulation about the fine end … Continue reading

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Carnival of Space #95

I like the image headlining this week’s carnival at OrbitalHub. I’d like to paint like that. I used to dabble a bit in watercolor painting, but you need oils to catch most of the boldness of space scenery. In real … Continue reading

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Keeping Silence

I attended a parish retreat about twenty-six years ago. I was just beginning grad school and one of my profs, who happened to be a recent addition to the staff at my parish, conducted the weekend. People generally liked it–the … Continue reading

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Giving Up

I was catching the fringes of the Vatican Lenten suggestion and subsequent internet discussion on giving up cell phones or text messaging or Facebook or things along those lines. At first, I didn’t think of anything substantial to say. But … Continue reading

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RCIA 10: The Sponsor

The sponsor accompanies a baptized candidate at confirmation and First Eucharist, but also is the designated role for the companion of a catechumen-to-be. 10. A sponsor accompanies any candidate seeking admission as a catechumen. Sponsors are persons who have known and … Continue reading

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RCIA 9: The Role of the Community

Sections nine through sixteen in RCIA outline the “Ministries and Offices” of initiation ministry in the Church. First on the list is “the local Church.” This is a long and meaty section. Counting the reference to “active participation,” no less … Continue reading

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The End of Spring Break

While our intrepid students are close to completing their Spring Break service trips, here on the home front, we’ve had a flurry of activity ourselves. Thursday I took a day off and we piled in the car to visit Brit’s … Continue reading

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Scared or Sacred

The e-mail from VOTF reported that … Voice of the Faithful members in southwest Florida are no longer allowed to hold their annual VOTF mass at the local Catholic church. The pastor spread a message that the Eucharist was “so … Continue reading

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