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Say It Ain’t So, Joe

I have to admit politics wasn’t as much fun to watch after last November’s election. Oh sure, there was a little blip after November 4th when I got banned for gloating on a mostly-Republican web site. Not watching our Corporate … Continue reading

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RCIA 136-137: Dismissal of the Elect, Eucharist

A two-for-one today.The dismissal options given in RCIA 136 parallel the options after the Rite of Acceptance, blogged about here. Option A is particular to the circumstances: My dear elect, you have set out with us on the road that … Continue reading

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The Presence of Christ in Word and Sacrament

(This is Neil) Todd has already drawn your attention to a homily given at the 9th Plenary Assembly of the Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences (FABC). I’d like to direct you to a pastoral reflection [PDF] delivered there by Archbishop … Continue reading

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Thanks For All The Clicks

Sometime in the next few hours, we’ll pass a landmark of sorts for the web page, 700,000 views or hits or whatever they call a unit that WordPress seems to count in greater numbers than SiteMeter. Anyway, thanks for the … Continue reading

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Sing A New Song To The Lord

My current parish is the only place I’ve served that does this hymn, text by Timothy Dudley-Smith and the tune, ONSLOW SQUARE, byDavid G. Wilson. It was an interesting choice for GIA to include in its early “contemporary” hymnal, Gather … Continue reading

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RCIA 135: Prayer over the Elect

After the intercessions, it’s not just a concluding prayer for intentions, but a full-fledged prayer, not for, but “over” the elect. I like the texts of these prayers. They are not major items in the ritual, but they do need … Continue reading

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Campus Ministry Christmas

Christmas comes early for campus ministers. We had big crowds at our first two Masses this weekend. But 10:30 was huge–bigger than Easter. We had to bring up three racks of chairs from the basement and a few stacks from … Continue reading

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RCIA 134: Intercessions for the Elect

134. The community may use either of the formularies, options A or B, or a similar formulary to pray for the elect. The celebrant may adapt the introduction and the intentions to fit various circumstances. [If it is decided, in accord … Continue reading

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Moving On Catechesis

One of the most common memes in the conservative Catholic blogosphere is the poor quality of catechesis received in schools and parishes. It’s happening now. It’s all but getting YouTubed. It happened in the 90’s, the 80’s, and the 70’s. … Continue reading

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Fact and Mode: The Vatican Case Against Fidelity

Sister Sandra Schneiders takes effective aim at the Vatican investigation. A far more interesting question than who left and why is, “Why did the ones who stayed, stay?” These are the women who, today, compose the largest cohort in religious … Continue reading

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Roman Missal 3 Website

Liam alerted me to the new web page at the USCCB site, covering the translation of Roman Missal 3. Go surf there, if you wish, and let me know your thoughts. I can’t say I’m particularly in the mood for … Continue reading

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To Not So Boldly Go …

Okay. I broke down and took the family to see Star Trek last week. I was prepared to love it and hate it, and I wasn’t disappointed. First the good. It was nice to see Paramount finally put real effort … Continue reading

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Path To Happiness: Force and Clarity

This news bit from L’Osservatore Romano interviewing Archbishop Jean-Louis Bruguès from the Congregation for Catholic Education included a curious congruence only two sentences apart, as reported on Zenit. This: The Vatican is aiming to prepare a “brief, forceful and very … Continue reading

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RCIA 133: Act of Admission or Election

Some of the text is given in the rite, and some is left to the composition of the bishop or his delegate: 133. The celebrant briefly explains the significance of the enrollment that has just taken place. Then, turning to … Continue reading

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Dancing Bad, Kneelers Good

One-time pababile and CDWDS head Cardinal Arinze made the Catholic internet news outlets with a caution against liturgical dance. Well, to be fair, he said other things at the recent meeting of Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences. One item: Adoration … Continue reading

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