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Vocab: Check; Spelling: Not So Hot

On the Pewsitter site, this headline: PA Bishop Troutman says new missal translation could lead to “pastoral disaster”: Does he think we are stupid? Troutman? Good thing we don’t have to spell the ineffable words, just listen to them, eh?

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Respect the Body

A liturgical note from the just-completed African Synod. CNS reports today on a comment from Bishop Michael Mabuga Msonganzila: Despite campaigns that have been carried out, (female genital mutilation) for so long has been taken to be part of the … Continue reading

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Let’s Chill on Global Cooling

The Universe Today blog reports on a blind study in which statisticians were presented with disguised data on warming trends. Seth Borenstein from AP has the original article here. Deke Arndt from NOAA: The last 10 years are the warmest … Continue reading

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Comfort Food

On the Food Network, Emeril Lagasse and Rachael Ray have both done shows featuring “comfort food,” well loved recipes that pamper the eater with tastes well within the box: spaghetti and meatballs, macaroni and cheese, chicken soup–stuff like that. The … Continue reading

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RCIA 203-205: Concluding Rites

Regardless of the number of rites or adaptations used, the rite provides a simple conclusion, optional. RCIA 203 is a brief rubric that says these rituals of Holy Saturday “may be concluded with a prayer of blessing over the elect … Continue reading

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The Too-Much Quote Post

Do we have quality control in the blogosphere? Wait–don’t answer that question. I’ve been a curious observer of the “professional” blogging scene at places like BeliefNet, InsideCatholic, and such. One of my bugaboos is the post in which the blogger … Continue reading

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RCIA 200-202: Choosing A Baptismal Name

Section 200 gives you the background: The rite of choosing a baptismal name may be celebrated on Holy Saturday, unless it was included in the rite of acceptance intot he order of catechumens (see RCIA 33.4, 73). The elect may … Continue reading

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African Synod: Liturgy and Sex

Zenit has the draft of the final message of the African synod up. I scanned through it, but nothing on liturgy. I was following the news releases from the synod, and I have to say, I was surprised at the … Continue reading

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RCIA 197-199: Ephphetha Rite

Option two for Holy Saturday: 197. By the power of its symbolism the ephphetha rite, or rite of opening the ears and mouth, impress on the elect their need of grace in order that they may hear the word of … Continue reading

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Trautman’s Vocab

I’ve been seeing a lot of happiness over, or at minimum, a resignation to the new texts for Mass in English. Lots of good loyal Catholic soldiers on the Left and in the Middle. In what’s sure to get some … Continue reading

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RCIA 193-196: Recitation of the Creed

RCIA 193 says this rite “prepares the elect for the profession of faith they will make immediately before they are baptized (RCIA 225); the rite also instructs them in their duty to proclaim the message of the Gospel.” RCIA 194 … Continue reading

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On Hymnals and Alternatives

In a recent magazine column, I wrote this opinion: Parishes with hymnals tend to be a little more serious about liturgy, and probably the commitment to good liturgy is a bit higher. Every so often, a comment comes in. And … Continue reading

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RCIA 187-192: Model for a Celebration of the Preparation Rites

RCIA gives a model for Holy Saturday: 187. SONG: When the elect have gathered, the celebration begins with a suitable song. 188. GREETING: After the singing, the celebrant greets the elect and any of the faithful who are present, using … Continue reading

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Applied Pacifism

I appreciate the challenges offered to pacifism in my post from last week. Larry, in particular, offers some good food for thought. I would think that most all Christians approach difficult interactions with others from the stance of peace. Or at … Continue reading

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Getting Schooled on Marriage

I have to say that if I still watched Sesame Street and saw this segment I wouldn’t have thought “same-sex marriage.” Sometimes I feel the need to just blog on something and don’t think it through thoroughly. I confess I … Continue reading

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