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Getting Bullish on Star Clusters

Astronomers now believe that most stars are formed in clusters. Giant interstellar clouds of gas and dust produce dozens to hundreds of stars in fairly close associations. Then over millions of years, these families become more diffuse as the gravity … Continue reading

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Fast Vatican Response

You never would have seen this happen in the old days. Like fourteen years ago. Father Federico Lombardi, SJ, director of the Vatican press office, released a statement responding to the seeming indifference of Cardinal Ratzinger to a CDF case … Continue reading

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RCIA 400: Preparing the Baptized, But Uncatechized

Many commentators refer to the challenge of RCIA in parishes as “sorting fish.” You have the unbaptized. But some of them may know a fair amount about the Christian life. You also have the phenomenon of those who were baptized … Continue reading

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Stupak Defiant

Does this sound like a man afraid for his job, let alone his eternal soul? So now President Obama’s going to sign an executive order protecting life and everyone’s condemning it. The hypocrisy is great. I question, did they want … Continue reading

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The Elect on Good Friday

A correspondent asks: When are the Elect dismissed on Good Friday? Still after the Homily as usual? How could they venerate the cross if not present in the liturgy? It’s a good question. In most parishes I’ve served, the elect … Continue reading

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RCIA 393-399: Viaticum and Conclusions

Remember that when in danger of death, this rite of initiation will almost surely not include a celebration of Mass. Communion–first Communion, in fact–will be through viaticum, the expression of celebrating the Eucharist for the dying. RCIA 393 gives a … Continue reading

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At The Foot Of The Cross

As part of our parish’s Lenten observance and as a way of gathering thoughtful and spiritual input from parishioners on our processional crucifix project, we have a “liturgical meditation on the symbol of sacrifice and faith” this evening. Here is … Continue reading

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OCP Outs New and Revised Mass Settings

A colleague sent me links to OCP Publications’ web pages announcing four revised and five new Mass settings. In anticipation of the new translation of the Roman Missal, OCP has chosen five new and four revised Mass settings for initial … Continue reading

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The Pink Slip Method

I see that a political pro-life group has “disinvited” Representative Stupak from its award dinner. Susan B Anthony List president Marjorie Dannenfelser: We will no longer be (honoring him). By accepting this deal from the most pro-abortion President in American … Continue reading

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RCIA 382-392: Baptism and Confirmation

The outline for baptism and confirmation when in danger of death is as follows, trimmed down from the “Exceptional Circumstances” rite: CELEBRATION OF BAPTISM Renunciation of Sin (RCIA 382) Profession of Faith (383) Baptism (384) [Anointing after Baptism] (385) CELEBRATION … Continue reading

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Selling Anger: What A Deal

Deal Hudson on the EO: This executive order is nothing more than a promise from one man to another, from Obama to Stupak. It can be withdrawn at any time — or, more likely, it can be ignored. Stupak should … Continue reading

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RCIA 375-379: Introduction and Word

The outline for this rite is even more brief than the one for “exceptional circumstances.” Here are the first two parts of the liturgy: INTRODUCTORY RITES Opening Dialogue Affirmation by the Godparent and Witnesses LITURGY OF THE WORD Gospel Reading Intercessions … Continue reading

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Perspectives on the Letter

Jimmy Mac sent me this link to Catholica Australia’s commentary on the pope’s letter to Irish Catholics. They didn’t like the blame game either, but added three other points: protecting the pope, extending the poor, dumb laity meme, and undoing … Continue reading

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Bill Done!

As a liberal, a deep skeptic of major political parties, and a doubter on the efficacy of a bill that will take years to sink in and take effect, I have to confess it is a relief to see insurance … Continue reading

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Pets: a Black and White Affair

I haven’t posted many family pictures here lately. You can see some on Facebook, but unlike real Facebook geeks, I don’t update the site very often. Maybe once or twice a month. The young miss presents our newest cat, nearly … Continue reading

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