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Vetrate di Chiesa

My friend Hillary notified me on Facebook about her concert with the ISU Symphony. Sure am glad she did. So the family and I enjoyed our first orchestral concert since we left Kansas City two years ago. The young miss … Continue reading

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Guitar Chords Do Not Match …

The Grail For $ale thread on PrayTell has hit upon a sub-theme in the publishing industry: the annoying typos and occasional misguided policies of sacred music editors. My post there, expanded a bit from a comment on significant errors in … Continue reading

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RCIA 480: Questioning the Original Baptism

Roman Catholics do not repeat valid baptisms. This is pretty simple easy: 480. The sacrament of baptism cannot be repeated and therefore it is not permitted to confer it again conditionally,  unless there is a reasonable doubt about the fact … Continue reading

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Cardinal Booted as TLM Celebrant

Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos (on the end of that cappa magna, above) won’t be front and center at the high altar on Saturday at the National Shrine. A firestorm developed around his advocacy of not turning in a priest sex predator … Continue reading

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RCIA 477-479: Doctrinal and Spiritual Preparation

Nobody’s asked the question, but in our look at receiving baptized Catholics, I’m sure somebody has thought, “What about catechesis?” Strictly speaking, this would be less a matter for liturgy and more for the catechetical directory. Note the twofold preparation … Continue reading

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Resigned to Not Knowing

A Tanzanian bishop is booted by Rome. No public reasons are given, but media commentators say the ousting occurred because of “violation of church moral teachings.” The ousted bishop has sounded off against another bishop in a tabloid interview. What … Continue reading

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Sin and Error

David Gibson added to the pile of pope analysis yesterday. If you’re getting tired of the scandals and rumors of scandals, I could suggest you get outside and soak up the sunshine. But I’ll suggest you read the whole essay … Continue reading

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What Is A Just War?

The parish Q&A box provides me and my staff colleagues with a lot of food for thought. We’re limited to 450 words of response, so I was a little concerned when I drew this two-parter, and its companion below. This … Continue reading

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One Easter Psalm

Psalm 30 is appointed for the Lectionary for the Third Sunday of Easter, cycle C. Yesterday’s psalm, in fact. It also appears after the prescribed Isaiah 54 reading in the Easter Vigil. Twice in fifteen days. Our parish repertoire includes … Continue reading

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RCIA 475-476: Reception Centers on the Eucharist

These two sections remind us of the centrality of the Eucharist in this rite. I can’t imagine celebrating a baptized Christian’s full communion with the Catholic Church without it, but apparently, the framers of the rite could: 475. In regard … Continue reading

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Fourth Point

David Gibson’s WaPo piece takes aim at five myths he sees in the current Catholic scandal. Addressing number four, the supposed media bias, he capably eviscerates the notion that print and video media have a campaign of any type of … Continue reading

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Time Out

Dave Brubeck’s classic LP Time Out presented an experimentation with complex time signatures to both the jazz world and to the general public. (Paul Desmond’s “Take Five” sold hundreds of thousands of records in 1959. We may never again see … Continue reading

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RCIA 473-474: Receiving the Baptized

Sections 473 through 486 give three pages of information on the Church’s approach to receiving baptized Christians into full Communion. These sections, along with the rites (texts and rubrics, RCIA 487-504) deal with non-Catholics, whether catechized or not. In the … Continue reading

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Oust Oosterhuis?

Jimmy Mac sent me a news bit from The Tablet on the supposed censorship of the Dutch hymn writer Huub Oosterhuis. This would be, in part, an application of Liturgiam Authenticam‘s charge to bishops to oversee the texts of songs … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Managing the Sprinkling Rite

The Roman  Missal provides an option in place of a penitential rite. During Easter, some parishes employ the “Rite of Blessing and Sprinkling Holy Water.” Does yours? How often do you use this rite outside of the Easter season? Did … Continue reading

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