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OCF 214-215: Music and Ministry in the Rite of Committal

Music for the rite of committal is covered in a bit more detail: 214. The singing of well-chosen music at the rite of committal can help the mourners as they face the reality of separation. At the rite of committal … Continue reading

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Clothes Make the Cardinal

Interesting commentary on UCA about clothing, especially the new cardinals: With prices given in  euros, the Chasuble would cost  9,000, alb =  550, amice = 40, cassock = 550, sash = 175, socks = 20, shoes = 800, buskins = 320, … Continue reading

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Saints Point To Christ

We promote them in my parish as “Advent Pageants,” but the idea I have in mind is really more aligned with mystery plays for the modern day. One of our parishioners and I spent some of Sunday afternoon last week … Continue reading

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OCF 213: Ministry and Participation in the Rite of Committal

As it should be, the faith community is listed first under the heading of “ministry and participation.” 213. The community continues to show its concern for the mourners by participating in the rite of committal. The rite marks the separation … Continue reading

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OCF 211-212: Adaptations for Committal

There are circumstances in which a pastor or pastoral minister would want to have flexibility in serving the family and parish. The following two sections detail some of the possibilities. 211. If there is a pastoral need for a longer … Continue reading

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Alternatives To “Domine, non sum dignus …”

The Roman Rite offers this prayer for the lips of worshipers before the reception of the Eucharist: Domine, non sum dignus, ut intres sub tectum meum: sed tantum dic verbo, et sanabitur anima mea. Substitute “servant” for the Latin “anima” … Continue reading

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Another Family Comedy Unfolds

Disappointment Thursday from the young miss: I had a late afternoon meeting, so she couldn’t show me her phone of choice at our favorite local tech store. Little did I know that an innocent-looking Friday afternoon would find us all … Continue reading

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Damage Control

Bishop Seratelli has his careerist game-face on. Many internet observers aren’t buying it.  

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Saints In Our Midst

The assistance of Turkish Catholics and their cause is admirable. When I read of the example of Sister Marie de Mandat-Grancey, I find myself inspired, too. Bishop Robert Finn of Kansas City-Saint Joseph tells us why the sainthood cause of a … Continue reading

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OCF 209-210: Act of Committal and Conclusion

Just as the Song of Farewell is the highlight of the Final Commendation, the Act of Committal stands at the apex of the final funeral ritual. 209. The act of committal takes place after the words of committal (in the … Continue reading

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More Leaks

Some of the Roman Missal 2010 text is posted on Wikispooks. From the PrayTell commentariat, my favorite quote, so far: Nor let not my enemies exult over me. I sure hope we ain’t got no more leaks. So to speak. … Continue reading

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Crisis? What Crisis

Interesting money quote from the new USCCB president in the NYT: My major priority would be to continue with all vigor I can muster what’s already in place. It’s not like we’re in crisis; it’s not like all of a … Continue reading

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Not An Ordinary Cathedral Rededication

Taken in isolation, it’s not really newsworthy for a cathedral to reopen after renovations. But Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral in Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname, a small nation on the north coast of South America, is no ordinary cathedral. … Continue reading

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Good Enough

Nice work from our outgoing USCCB president. Send up a half-assed protest on CDWDS incompetence, then clear his plate for retirement. Remember the 341 silly changes from Rome on the Grail Psalter? Looks like we’re stuck with them. Lots of … Continue reading

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Bishops Bristle

Interesting stuff on CNS on the new USCCB President. Some refreshing candor from Archbishop Dolan when asked about the pre-election campaigning from the Catholic Right: That wouldn’t be new. There’s always some controversy around the elections. It’s not like I’ve … Continue reading

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