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Newt Joins Huck On The Godless Trail

Former House Speaker and relatively new Catholic Newt Gingrich has joined the Arkansas preacher and former governor on the meme that America’s not religious enough. Mr Gingrich: When you have an anti-religious, secular bureaucracy and secular judiciary, seeking to drive … Continue reading

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Antarctic Monasticism

Feeling a bit better today. But with howling winds pushing the falling and fallen snow, I don’t think I’ll be venturing out until much later today. They already closed the church office. Did I mention this was tabbed the worst … Continue reading

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Built of Living Stones 240-244: Renovation of Churches

What to do when a beloved church building must be renovated? § 240 § When renovation of a church is to be undertaken or when it becomes necessary to raze an old church, special care is needed. A church that … Continue reading

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Winter Descends

The much-anticipated/dreaded blizzard has struck Iowa tonight. We had some thunder and lightning with the snow. That last bit was freaky. The entire family has been holed up inside today. Despite two-thirds of us getting flu shots, we were all … Continue reading

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It’s Called the Virtue of Prudence

The Vatican wants to shut down Sunday shopping in Italy. All of a sudden, that’s become a liberal cause: giving small businesses relief from the relentless push from corporations that can keep stores open 24/7. And crush any local competitors. … Continue reading

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Tau Ceti Musings: Interstellar Obsolescence

With the discovery of five planets orbiting the star Tau Ceti, does this mean all the sf literature on that system is now obsolete? My take is that Asimov, Clarke, Niven, and others will eventually pass into the realm of … Continue reading

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NRA Goes Dark

Facebook and Twitter for the NRA has been shut down. I suppose there’s nothing to say in polite (or even internet) company these days about lobbying for semiautomatic weaponry and armor-piercing ammunition. My own history is that my dad owned … Continue reading

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Built of Living Stones 238-239: Special Issues in the Renovation of Churches

Let’s tackle the very delicate situation when it is discerned that an existing church building must be significantly altered. § 238 § When a parish constructs a new building, there are many options available for responding to the liturgical needs … Continue reading

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Accidental Religion?

I was reading about the yoga fuss in Encinitas, California public schools. Maybe a person views yoga as exercise, and the use of brain, breathing, and stretching to feel better. So, can that person accidentally practice religion? I suppose the same could be … Continue reading

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Built of Living Stones 236-237: The Sacrarium

I think it is possible to take good care of sacred things without giving the appearance of extreme scrupulosity. The sacrarium assists with this: § 236 § The sacristy near the sanctuary will usually contain the sacrarium, the special sink … Continue reading

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One Into Two Into Three

I had heard filmmaker Peter Jackson was turning The Hobbit into a two-part film epic. Since when was it upshifted into a trilogy? Was it the lure of more money, more profits for corporations? It’s not as if JRR Tolkien … Continue reading

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Built of Living Stones 235: Security Issues

How secure is your church building? § 235 § Distressing though it may be, the contemporary reality compels the Church to be mindful also of security issues for the church building. This is appropriate not only for the sake of … Continue reading

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A Skeptic on Liturgical Technology

In the comments, Mary asked about my averrance to the use of video images. She had some specific questions: How do you think that parishes should handle it when the bishop issues a pastoral letter by video? I’ve had to … Continue reading

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Built of Living Stones 234: Sacristies

Some sound thinking on sacristies: § 234 § Well designed, well equipped, and well organized sacristies contribute to the smooth function of the liturgy and to the maintenance and preservation of vesture, vessels, linens, and other liturgical appointments. Since the … Continue reading

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More Love Than We Deserve

After my lectio yesterday, I turned to another chapter in a book by the Jesuit Peter van Breemen, The God Who Won’t Let Go. You readers know I’ve been drawn into the orbit of many authors of the Ignatian tradition … Continue reading

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