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On the snack menu for Supe Sunday: French Toast laced with lots of vanilla for pre-game. Hummus or salsa, each laced with olives, for the first half. White corn chips and thin-sliced french bread, respectively for the dipping. Ginger beer … Continue reading

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Reconciliation Lectionary: Luke 17:1-4

I had the Rite of Penance open the other day, and this passage was at the top of the page: Jesus said to his disciples, “Things that cause sin will inevitably occur, but woe to the person through whom they … Continue reading

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Step Away

A colleague in ministry emailed me yesterday asking If I’d heard about the new archbishop in Portland. Or the breaking news on Cardinal Mahony in Los Angeles. I sent her the link to my post yesterday and said that music/liturgy … Continue reading

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Relieved of Duty

My wife got me the news before the blogosphere did: Cardinal Mahony relieved of duty in light of his mishandling of sex predators in the 80’s and 90’s. A retired bishop? What duties? Is the Frequently Misspelled One still on … Continue reading

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Sampling the Music Scene

Jeffrey Tucker calms down and pulls back from his elation on Tuesday: Fixing this fixes nearly everything. And today: There are two errors to correct in the news that Bishop Alexander K. Sample is headed to Portland, Oregon. The first … Continue reading

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More Jail Talk

A new legislative year starts, and bishops are lining up to go to jail over the HHS mandate which, as far as I can tell, is still in the negotiation stage. It’s interesting to suggest one might go to jail … Continue reading

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Love Litany

Liturgy News, the quarterly organ of the Brisbane (Australia) Liturgical Commission, had a brief look at this clunker from the new Roman Missal. (I)t remains doubtful whether a revised translation (of the Rite of Marriage) along the lines of the … Continue reading

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