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Carnival of Space 293

They threw my book review into the 293rd Carnival of Space. The first 290 are linked here. Most of them, anyway.

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‘He is not to come to this church any more.’

The various news reports surrounding the new pope are entertaining. Does he have one lung or two? Was he soft on South American fascism? I like this one: Cardinal Law ejected from Santa Maria Maggiore. So hearing that the new … Continue reading

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On My Bookshelf: Understanding Variable Stars

As years pass, various interests wax and wane in astronomy. Some might says fads come and go. Early in the 20th century, there’s big interest for finding that second Earth–a blue and green planet somewhere in the universe where maybe aliens like … Continue reading

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Pope Francis On Liturgy III

Let’s talk about the celebration of the Eucharist. I found this interview with Cardinal Bergoglio from 2007.  He covers other things, but I was struck by what he said about the celebration of Mass as the Latin American bishops met for their … Continue reading

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Pope Francis On Liturgy II

What strikes me most about this image posted at PrayTell is the predominance of women, perhaps as many as four generations represented. Contrast that with the images of popes at liturgy–nearly all surrounded by men. Fawning men. Here, the focus … Continue reading

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Which Francis?

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One Last Post On The New Pope

NCR’s John Allen profiled him the other week. This spot didn’t give me cause for alarm: These were the years of the military junta in Argentina, when many priests, including leading Jesuits, were gravitating towards the progressive liberation theology movement. … Continue reading

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Pope Francis on Evangelization I

From another interview, when discussing the missionary spirit of the faith: Staying, remaining faithful implies an outgoing. Precisely if one remains in the Lord one goes out of oneself. Paradoxically precisely because one remains, precisely if one is faithful one changes. One … Continue reading

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Pope Francis On Liturgy I

Let’s talk baptism … When Cardinal Bergoglio was asked about the baptism of children whose parents were not married, he responded: To us here that would be like closing the doors of the Church. The child has no responsibility for … Continue reading

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Pope Francis

Well, this is a surprise. First Jesuit with the fisherman’s ring. Dan Horan says: The Jesuits will be insufferable now. First from the Western or Southern hemisphere. I remember a Pope Francis in Walter Murphy’s novel The Vicar of Christ. … Continue reading

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Pope Hope

My friend Charles took exception to my observation: I think most Catholics and all non-believers will care once the pope demonstrate what kind of person and believer he is. And asked: Todd, brother, would like to retract and reiterate the … Continue reading

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Gloria Sends Cardinals To Conclave

Liam sent me an e-mail noting that the Conclave opening Mass sang the Gloria. I wasn’t terribly surprised. With MR3, it’s not so much about elevating the cardinals to the level of Saint Joseph (19 March) or the Blessed Mother … Continue reading

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Someone should cover the mothers (and other family members) of the papabile more carefully. Quote of the day from Eleonore Schönborn: Christoph would not be up to the bitchiness in the Vatican. The intrigues in Vienna are enough for him.

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Reconciliation Lectionary: John 15:1-8

Today’s Reconciliation Scripture is featured in the Easter Lectionary on the fifth Sunday, cycle B. My pastor selected and preached it last week at the parish’s reconciliation service. He’ll repeat it for this Wednesday. Here’s the text: Jesus said to … Continue reading

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Curia vs Who?

I admire Rocco Palmo’s enthusiasm and optimism about the Church that infuses most all of his writing. Even when he reports bad or difficult news, he wants to draw the reader into his own sadness or disappointment. I have to … Continue reading

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