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Attention, Enrichment, and a Conspiracy of Lies

I’m very glad my daughter is past the Disney stage of her fandom. In fact, I don’t know if she’s really a fan of anybody these days. She reads a lot. I suppose she does watch tv here and there. … Continue reading

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Knowing the Will of God

My friend and frequent commenter on 2 Maccabees, Dick Martin, put a premise before me earlier today. Now, those of you who track recent comments here know that Dick has been trying to convince me of something for a while. … Continue reading

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Redemptionis Sacramentum 11

Chapter II treats “The Participation of the Lay Christian Faithful in the Eucharistic Celebration,” and covers twelve numbered sections (RS 36-47). Translation quibblers may blanch, but the actual subheading of sections 36-42 is indeed, “Active and Conscious Participation.” As one … Continue reading

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Bottuming Out

The furor over the traitor Joseph Bottum continues. The anti-commentary is sometimes cringeworthy, and occasionally thoughtful, like Ross Douthat’s NYT take. I never thought Mr Douthat had a good bead on 20th century history, but his “evaluation” rings true: As … Continue reading

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Lumen Fidei 54

Let’s examine with Pope Francis “A light for life in society,” in which the consideration of the family widens to the greater human community: 54. Absorbed and deepened in the family, faith becomes a light capable of illumining all our … Continue reading

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Mystery Trumps Truth?

A good brief interview with Katie Diller, campus minister. I was serving at Michigan State for a few years in the 90’s, but missed her undergrad years. She’s back there on staff, and from what I read of the chat … Continue reading

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Redemptionis Sacramentum 34-35

The CDWDS addresses the matter of deacons in the liturgy, who, because of their familial relationship with the bishop, and their example of service, also serve as liturgical ministers: [34.] Deacons “upon whom hands are imposed not for the Priesthood … Continue reading

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Other Victims?

I saw this post linked on a Twitter feed: “The Other Victims of Clergy Abuse: Faithful Priests.” Does this convince you? Some people simply hate priests because of what others have done.  They are yelled at, cursed at, have children … Continue reading

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Anima Christi

The Anima Christi prayer has been on the fringes of my awareness for some time. But only fringes. For a time, it was thought Ignatius Loyola composed it, as he cites it in the Spiritual Exercises, but that notion has … Continue reading

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Lumen Fidei 53

Optimism about the young: 53. In the family, faith accompanies every age of life, beginning with childhood: children learn to trust in the love of their parents. This is why it is so important that within their families parents encourage … Continue reading

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On My Bookshelf: Parting The Cosmic Veil

Kenneth Lang’s book blends astronomy, art, and history. It’s a unique volume to my experience, and mostly an enjoyable read. Professor Lang looks at five major topics, in five large chapters: Cosmic Vision, War, and Technology Brave New Worlds Motion, … Continue reading

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Georg Says No

Remember last week the supposed “mystical experience” that reportedly led Pope Benedict to resign? His personal secretary Archbishop Georg Gänswein says not. There is nothing true in that story. “That story” was published by Zenit. I used to trust Zenit … Continue reading

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What’s For Dinner

Been cooking the past few days. Don’t ask why; I just get in a mood. With the Iowa heat wave of ’13 in full swing, no idea why the family has been getting hot meals the past few nights. Tonight, … Continue reading

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Redemptionis Sacramentum 32-33

The CDWDS completes its instructions for priests in this first chapter. Most laudable of the lost opportunities would be the suggestion to encourage family prayer. But there’s more: [32.] “Let the Parish Priest strive so that the Most Holy Eucharist … Continue reading

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Keeping The Faith on Campus

Kevin O’Brien, SJ, has a brief, thoughtful, and helpful piece in the WaPo. Those going off to college this time of year are in the midst of the most significant transition of their lives. Academically, these high school graduates will … Continue reading

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