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Café Participation

Adam Wood and I are getting into a decent discussion on participation at the Café. Adam is a good egg. I think he’s colored somewhat by his surroundings, and takes a little too much time to harp on what he … Continue reading

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Archbishop John Nienstedt pledges to restore trust. In reading words like these, I look for how things are expressed. Passive voice: The first thing that must be acknowledged is that over the last decade some serious mistakes have been made. … Continue reading

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I suppose an American would play up the Cardinal Bernardin/Pope Francis commonality. Two leaves from the same branch, perhaps. But let’s keep in mind that Americans constitute a one-figure percentage of Catholics worldwide. This is likely more about two men … Continue reading

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GMD 113: Inactive Catholics

They used to be called “fallen-away,” but these days they are a focus in what is called the “new” evangelization. My main problem with this section is the reliance on programs. Programs are best thought of as structures in which … Continue reading

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Funeral Lectionary: Sirach 41:11-13

More wisdom from Ben Sira, the author of the Book of Sirach. Our mortality is mentioned only in passing, to drive home the point about the value in having lived a virtuous life. Before using at a funeral, perhaps be sure … Continue reading

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Sex Abuse and Excuses in Latin America

NBC reviews recent problems in Latin America. Journalist Simeon Tegel lays a lot at the feet of “conservative” clergy south of the border. Is that fair? He does mention the wide range of ideological sympathies in Catholic clergy in many … Continue reading

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What’s For Dinner?

Taking the morning off, as I have appointments spread later into the afternoon and early evening, and Mass tonight at 9:15. The young miss liked my last pot of potato soup. My wife complained that she likes meat in her … Continue reading

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Redemptionis Sacramentum 167

Let’s wrap up celebrations without a priest: [167.] “Similarly, it is unthinkable on the Lord’s Day to substitute for Holy Mass either ecumenical celebrations of the word or services of common prayer with Christians from the . . . Ecclesial … Continue reading

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War on Atheists and New Alliances

Amused, dismayed, but not surprised about South Carolina atheists being turned away from volunteering at a soup kitchen. Eve Brannon: I told them we wouldn’t wear our T-shirts. We wouldn’t tell anyone who we are with. We just want to … Continue reading

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The Allure of a Universe

The BBC site is a near-daily visit for me. But fascinating is the consistent popularity of astronomy news. These news items frequently appear on the BBC’s sidebar, “Most Popular In News.” Today it was a distant newly-discovered galaxy churning out … Continue reading

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GMD 112: Invite

Just ask them. Ask them effectively, and I know they will come. It works. We continue with goal number two, and a twofold approach to inviting people to church. The bishops suggest very basic things for themselves: publicity that highlights … Continue reading

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The Spotlight on Honduras

America continues a raft of recent coverage of Honduras with an aptly titled “Sin and Grace …” piece on the blog today. Our faith community’s sister parish is in the mountainous region of western Honduras. So this is a bit … Continue reading

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War on Halloween

In the expression of military genius that we call the culturewar, the Christians strike back. Some of them, anyway. Commentary at First Things here, basically suggesting it’s time to chill, like a cold autumn night. Does the opposition to Halloween … Continue reading

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Funeral Lectionary: Sirach 41:1-4a

Sometimes death is a welcome relief from suffering. Dare we say it? Sometimes we do. And in church circles there may be some degree of trepidation mouthing that sentiment. We accept life from conception to natural death, do we not? … Continue reading

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Long Songs: “Traces of the Western Slopes”

Ever since I began collecting vinyl in my college days, I loved long songs. Not endless jams, mind you. But significant musical pieces that really gave an artist a palette on which to paint a significant story. Why? I listened to … Continue reading

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