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Todd and his family live in Ames, Iowa. He serves a Catholic parish of both Iowa State students and town residents.

Progressive Preaching

The bishop of my first see has decided to end lay preaching in that diocese. I found a curious statement by the journalist: The reversal is perhaps the starkest example yet of the contrasting stewardship of Matano with his predecessor, … Continue reading

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On Reading the Bible and Other Matters

I felt a bit of trepidation in engaging our guest Atheist Max on this site. My observation of him at RNS was that he was a persistent, if not aggressive poster. Some of you readers offered caution as well. I do … Continue reading

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EG 252-253: Islam

Pope Francis, in Evangelii Gaudium, speaks of our Muslim sisters and brothers: 252. Our relationship with the followers of Islam has taken on great importance, since they are now significantly present in many traditionally Christian countries, where they can freely worship … Continue reading

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As A Bird

One of the challenges this past year in my experience with the Spiritual Exercises in daily life involved the use of imagination. When I was younger–mid-twenties–I found it easier to place myself in the picture with the Lord. This past … Continue reading

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EG 251: Other Religions

Pope Francis counsels we keep in mind the difference between and the relationship of the proclamation of the Gospel (kerygma) and the personal communication each of us has with other people. He draws on the previous two popes, cautioning against … Continue reading

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Minnesota Saturday

Did I mention blogging would be light yesterday? My wife and I had an enjoyable day trip to the Twin Cities, capped off by watching my first English Premier League team in live action. I might have chosen a more … Continue reading

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EG 250: Interreligious Dialogue

Pope Francis takes a look at interreligious dialogue in sections 250-253. Obviously, he has separated out concerns about ecumenism (244-246). And Christian relationship with Jews (247-249). Relationships with people of other religious backgrounds have their challenges, some significant ones no doubt, but … Continue reading

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Squid Nebula, Big Numbers

Interesting new discovery posted on Astronomy Picture of the Day. A faint nebula, maybe 14 quadrillion miles away, and maybe fifty light years long. That’s so big that if the sun were on one end and we were on the other, … Continue reading

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Eat A Cookie

Anti-abortion Catholics generally ignore or dismiss criticism of their support for China and Chinese products. “Impossible” is how one concerned Catholic responded to one of my boycott inquiries. But remember: that’s a nation that actually utilizes law and punishment to enforce … Continue reading

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EG 247-249: Relations With Judaism

Three brief sections in Evangelii Gaudium examine the Christian approach to Judaism. Note that Pope Francis does not discuss “Catholic” issues, but ones that touch upon the larger body of Christian believers. Let’s read: 247. We hold the Jewish people in … Continue reading

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Burning of Self

Many noble, good, and graced persons in the world (not just Christians) burn inside for the injustices perpetrated by human beings against others. When we have a sense of our own fault, it can lead to conversion, confession, and renewal. … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Announcing Psalmody

I recently fielded a request from one of the parish pianists: (One) parishioner (as others have in the past) wondered why we don’t announce the (hymnal) page number for the Psalm of the day. She feels that people would be … Continue reading

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EG 246: Christian Divisions

Pope Francis offers some commentary on Christian disunity in this section of Evangelii Gaudium: 246. Given the seriousness of the counter-witness of division among Christians, particularly in Asia and Africa, the search for paths to unity becomes all the more urgent. … Continue reading

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Hearing and Listening

Is Pope Francis doing a crazy thing weaning Catholics off every word uttered by the Bishop of Rome? Phil Lawler thinks little of the lawless approach, especially giving interviews to less-than-respectable organs. (I notice that he doesn’t bother to link … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Who Makes Announcements?

The topic of announcements at Mass usually centers on when. For a change, I’d like to change it up and suggest you sit in the purple chair and render judgment on who. A few years ago, my parish switched from … Continue reading

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