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Letter To Artists 1a-c: Like God the Creator

For easier (I hope) reference, I’ll list the paragraphs within each numbered section by lower-case letter. In this first post on John Paul II’s Letter to Artists, let’s take the first half of section 1, “The artist, image of God … Continue reading

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Pope John Paul II’s Letter To Artists

On Easter Sunday 1999, Pope John Paul II released a Letter To Artists. The Holy Father was an artist himself, a poet, a playwright, and an actor. So he has some credibility even to those outside Christianity based solely on his … Continue reading

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What Inspires?

Another illustrative thread at the CMAA here. First a citation to an editorial that seems to confuse the decades: In the 1960s, many of our church leaders were seminarians.  It was a time when Gregorian chant was forcibly submerged below … Continue reading

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Tabernacle From Japan

My friend Bill sent me an image of the Eucharistic Tabernacle from a Franciscan chapel in Tokyo. I wasn’t enamored of the choice to place it behind the presider’s chair. Otherwise, I found the design elegant in every way: the … Continue reading

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Priscilla’s Banquet

I wonder if I could subtitle this post, “Down the rabbit hole catacomb.” The guide says the woman is at a Eucharistic banquet, but the revisionist version is “funeral.” From the HuffPo: The Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests, which includes … Continue reading

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At Night

This is my view at night when I go home. First, walking past the altar with the light setting on “night.” Just eight small lamps shine on the platform. One post hits the far wall. The two saint shrines: Thomas … Continue reading

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On My Bookshelf: Parting The Cosmic Veil

Kenneth Lang’s book blends astronomy, art, and history. It’s a unique volume to my experience, and mostly an enjoyable read. Professor Lang looks at five major topics, in five large chapters: Cosmic Vision, War, and Technology Brave New Worlds Motion, … Continue reading

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Fire Watch

Jerry Ryan posts on Thomas Merton’s essay “Fire Watch” at dotCommonweal. I read Robert Barron somewhere also praising this epilogue to The Sign of Jonas. For me, several years ago, revisiting this writing was less about content and more about … Continue reading

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Holy Cards, Locally Produced

When we commissioned our parish processional crucifix a few years ago, part of the plan was to produce a holy card as well. Our parishioner Mike Lanning did a fantastic job on layout. I love the holy card size with … Continue reading

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From The Abbey, To The Farthest Boundaries

One evening at last week’s retreat, one of the monks opened up the side chapels in the basement of the abbey church for the retreatants to tour. Community artists contributed crucifixes and images of saints for many of the side rooms … Continue reading

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Pope Francis and Others on Tobit

Liam noted this link to Pope Francis preaching on Tobit, which is embedded in the daily Roman Lectionary these days. From the Holy Father: Two just people who live dramatic situations. The first is blinded despite his performing good works, … Continue reading

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Head of Christ

This is the face of Christ. Have you encountered him lately? It seems appropriate that people encounter this Christian Petersen sculpture outside of our parish’s reconciliation chapel. There was an interesting discussion on PrayTell touching on that personal relationship with … Continue reading

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Paschal Candle Details

There is a long tradition in my parish of decorating a “blank” paschal candle. A parishioner used to make them each year, but she has “retired” from that duty. The past few years, I’ve ordered a plain candle from a … Continue reading

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Homeless Jesus

What the cathedrals in Toronto and New York rejected, was accepted at a Jesuit school of theology at the University of Toronto. The artist: It was very upsetting because the rectors liked it, but when it got to the administration, … Continue reading

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Advent Wreath

Our townie neighbors to the north have their Advent wreath set up in their narthex. The icon of Christ in the center–that’s usually where they display an icon or image of a saint on the feast day. I like this … Continue reading

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