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You Can’t Just Haul A Cooler of Wine to Mass

… and come away with a chest of Blood. Artist Sebastian Errazuriz suggests that his supply of vino was … inadvertently blessed by the priest while turning wine into the blood of Christ during the Eucharist. Well, no. It doesn’t … Continue reading

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Following Up: Stations of King’s Cross

Two  months ago, I blogged on Stations of the King’s Cross, reproductions of paper cuttings depicting the Via Dolorosa for London train travelers. The artist has been in touch and sends this word: On Saturday 26th May an exhibition of … Continue reading

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Daily Mass Ambo

Here is my parish’s daily Mass ambo. It’s a bit worse for wear, and a few parishioners and I have been either repairing it or chatting about a replacement for the past few years. If we do opt to replace, … Continue reading

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No, not Crystal’s blog, which you should certainly visit. The Little Planet Projection makes an appearance in today’s Astronomy Picture of the Day. We’ll always have Paris, yes? A hundred here. The young miss has not had an easy time … Continue reading

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How Green Is Our Green?

Now that the white, gold, and silver festivities of the Christmas season are behind us, it’s time to consider the Church’s shorter stretch of ordinary (or ordinal–counted) time. I hope your green vestments are laundered and burnished and ready to … Continue reading

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Ruth of the Dust Bowl

A bit of discernment ahead. If any readers would like to chime in, I’d appreciate. I’ve fielded a serious suggestion to set my next Bible musical in modern or near-modern times. Naomi and her family leave their rural homestead for … Continue reading

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Spare the Crystal

Count me as not a fan of Bishop Brown’s plan to acquire the Crystal Cathedral. Jimmy Mac sent me an email with a tagline like “second collection for air conditioning.” I would love to see the plans for adapting this … Continue reading

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Asmodeus: The Blur of Evil

There was discussion on how to depict the demon afflicting Sarah. We didn’t determine an actual casting role for certain until we were well into rehearsals. From Tobit 3:17: So Raphael was sent to heal … to give Sarah, the daughter … Continue reading

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My friend Anna plays a role totally out of character for her, but here is a phone image of the wicked demon: Tobiah, mindful of Raphael’s instructions, took the fish’s liver and heart from the bag where he had them, … Continue reading

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Armani Vestments

I’m not super-impressed with the Armani vestments donated to the Church for the use of Bishop Domenico Mogavero. Silk is nice, but I hope the bishop isn’t inclined to sweat. Silk stains easily. Starfish, coral, and sea shells: I  have … Continue reading

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Susanna the Just

Just a heads up if you’re not going to Mass regularly this Lent, one of the best Old Testament stories is coming up in the Lectionary on Monday. Rembrandt von Rijn depicts his usual characters in the spotlight, except the … Continue reading

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“I have seen the figure of Christ.”

I wanted to share a blind parishioner’s encounter with our new processional crucifix. The pastor related it to me: She heard that there was a new processional crucifix.  Probably her husband John described it to her.  She asked me if it … Continue reading

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Processional Crucifix Arrives!

Artist Jeremy Rudd delivered our new processional crucifix yesterday before 10:30 Mass. You can access last week’s post here, including the post-homily blessing. We have a gallery of images from the liturgy as well as of the cross on our parish … Continue reading

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Processional Crucifix

When my current parish renovated over a decade ago, they commissioned a Great Cross (pictured well here when we hosted the Rite of Election a few years ago), in which a processional cross functions as an insert. The original plan … Continue reading

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Murals That “Detract” From Christ

Do murals have a place in Catholic churches? Does the fact that Michelangelo’s art adorns the Sistine Chapel, for example, “detract” from the celebration of Mass there? Could be a good thing that Fr. Benito Hernandez isn’t in Rome. Fr … Continue reading

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