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CRS Typhoon Haiyan Relief

Our archbishop urged parishes to promote this. I’m sure most of you know about it, but just in case not, assist Catholic Relief Services in their work in the Philippines. ISS & NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg captured this image of … Continue reading

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Clavius, Jesuit on the Moon

Jesuits have lent their names to thirty-some craters on the moon. The largest of these is Clavius, named for the 16th century astronomer Christoph Klau (Latinized to Clavius). Clavius is fairly prominent in the lunar southern hemisphere, and at 135 … Continue reading

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Seven-Planet System

Ever hear of the star KIC 11442793? Me either. It’s over 14 quadrillion miles away–a good bet that none of us have ever been there. It now hold the current record of seven planets in orbit. That we know of. … Continue reading

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The Allure of a Universe

The BBC site is a near-daily visit for me. But fascinating is the consistent popularity of astronomy news. These news items frequently appear on the BBC’s sidebar, “Most Popular In News.” Today it was a distant newly-discovered galaxy churning out … Continue reading

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Saturn From On High

Check out this view of Saturn from way above the ring plane. This one you can get whole in your pc’s viewscreen. Gordan Ugarkovic processed raw images from the Cassini space probe. Amazing work. This view will likely be the … Continue reading

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Sixty Trillion Miles

One of the more glorious sights in the universe: a pillar of dust sixty trillion miles high. If one of NASA’s Voyagers was launched from the base, it would take almost 200,000 years to hit the top. I make the … Continue reading

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Voyager 1 At The Boundaries

David Gibson at RNS writes: Voyager 1 has left the solar system. This is pretty awesome, in the true sense of that shopworn word. Has anyone parsed the theology of this moment? Is there one? I wish there were. Let … Continue reading

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