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Christmas Scheduling

My former parish in Kansas City had a grueling Christmas schedule. I inherited four Christmas Eve Masses (two simultaneously on our campus with a total of 1300-plus between them), a Midnight Mass, and three on Christmas morning. A few years … Continue reading

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Church Attendance: Checking It Once

I saw a headliner at Pewsitter about the president not going to church on Christmas. The NYT backs that up. Conservative Catholics probably weren’t watching their Evangelical Christian allies so closely. Sometimes they don’t even hold services when Christmas falls … Continue reading

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Sanitizing Christmas

I thought I had it set up to record the homily tonight, but the portable drive was empty–I hadn’t downloaded all the Christmas audio, and I didn’t replace the cartridge. Anyway, the pastor was relating the telling of a child’s Christmas … Continue reading

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WoC Post-Game

When I was a more hardcore sports fan, I loved the post-game. My wife might have though tit was time to change the channel to some PBS Mystery, but I liked to catch Chris Berman on ESPN after the last … Continue reading

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Musicians In A Tree

A musician’s Christmas tree often has a number of musical ornaments. At least mine does. When my wife and I merged households in ’95, we put together a bunch of things, including musical ornaments. The mouse with lute was mine. … Continue reading

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Just Go With Christmas

Since my Ignatian retreat commenced, I’ve been finding much dissatisfaction with my usual reading. Novels seem very dry. Even science non-fiction not so great. It might be that I’m picking books in the poor to fair category. But I doubt … Continue reading

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12 Days of Football

The young miss and I follow the goings-on of the English Premier League. This morning while I accompany the 10:30 Mass, she will be home following one of her two favorite teams (Everton) playing one of my two favorite teams … Continue reading

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