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A Silly Question

Is Cardinal Burke an adulterer? It’s a silly question, of course. But as Rocco whispered, he “doubled down” on the synod’s Christmas gay question: This is a very delicate question, and it’s made even more delicate by the aggressiveness of … Continue reading

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Synod And The Elephant: Tackle or Tickle?

For the first time, the synod addressed the issue that has been driving Catholic rigorists crazy, sacramental life for those who have remarried after a divorce. In the first part, therefore, the Assembly continued its reflection on the matter of … Continue reading

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Catholicity, Orthodoxy, Unity

In the Nicene Creed, Catholics profess belief … in one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church Catholicity, or more usually, Catholicism is no problem for most of us. Though some traditional-minded and leaning believers prefer the badge of “orthodoxy.” It’s the … Continue reading

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From Supreme to Honorary

Tweet-whispered a few hours ago, Sandro Magister reports Cardinal Burke’s career arc is about to descend to a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean. More specifically, to a “patronage” of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. If confirmed, … Continue reading

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Mass Mob

The Mass Mob movement seems to be spreading. Buffalo was where I noticed it first reported in the news. Philadelphia has a web site too. NCRep picked up the story in Detroit. If the movement is developing beyond expectations, I … Continue reading

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Crux Chats Dolan

John Allen/Boston Globe‘s new site, Crux, has an extended interview with Cardinal Timothy Dolan. You know: the archbishop taking a lot of heat this week for the perception he’s caved in to LGBT folks and he’s snuffed the St Fulton … Continue reading

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Parading in NY

So, an LGBT group will march in New York in 194 days. An archbishop seems fine with it. The word is still out in Boston, where similar groups cannot march. Is Cardinal Dolan trying to get a “who-am-I-to-judge” leg up on … Continue reading

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