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Designing Money

The latest issue of Coin World showed the new design for the $100 FRN (above, compared to the current, below). About a dozen shots of the printing and details, too. I commented to the young miss that they’re giving counterfeiters … Continue reading

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Palin Expertise On Coins

I missed this piece when it came out. With all the internet fussing about how ignorant the press (and others) are about Catholicism, and with me going on my usual meme: it’s not just religion, but science, history, geography, classical … Continue reading

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Making Cents of the Economy

Serious coin collectors search for “key dates” in series of coins. These are years in which mintages were low, resulting in a relative scarcity. Often low mintages point to financial upheaval within the nation. (I’m still looking for a nice … Continue reading

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Duke on the Quarter

The new quarter commemorating the District of Columbia went into release this week. It’s good to see one of America’s most outstanding composers honored. In spite of the cut-off piano, I like this design. Representative Mike Castle of Delaware has … Continue reading

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New Coins

An interesting video on America’s new coinage system.

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Pope on Coin

The Perth Mint in Australia is offering limited edition proof coins commemorating Pope Benedict’s visit for WYD 2008. Options include one of 1,000 in gold or one of 25,000 in silver. Vatican approved images, never fear.

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Coins For 20th Century States

Last February I posted on the 2007 state quarter designs. I finally got a Utah in pocket change last night at the ice cream place. I still think a beehive would’ve been better. We’ve gone the longest in US history … Continue reading

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Women’s War Bonnets

These two coins are curiosities. The one on the left you probably don’t know. It’s the ten dollar gold piece designed by the famous sculptor Augustus Saint Gaudens during the TR administration. Roosevelt wanted to upgrade the designs on American … Continue reading

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Thirty-Five Years

One of my numismatic acquisitions on our recent vacation was this commemorative coin honoring the 25th anniversary of Canada’s hockey triumph over the USSR. It’s hard this far south in the US to find Canadian coins. This item has been … Continue reading

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Canada Dollars

Many years ago in Iowa, my wife purchased this nice coin for me, imaged on the right. Since my boyhood days sifting through pocket change in Upstate New York, I collected Canadian coins alongside US issues. I don’t find anything … Continue reading

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American Small Change During Vatican I

It’s 1870 and your pocket is full of small change. What does it look like? We have the two-cent piece, copper and featuring that godly motto. The three-cent nickel with the Liberty head joins the Indian princess of Liberty on … Continue reading

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Godless George

No, sillies, not Bush II, but Washington. Apparently thousands of president dollar coins went out from the Philly mint without the edge lettering of 2007 P or “E pluribus unum.” Most shocking of all, no “In God We Trust.” And … Continue reading

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The Last Five Nineteenth Century States

… are featured on this year’s State Quarter series from the US Mint. The coins top to bottom here are in order of release. The tradition has been to issue the coins in the same order as they were admitted … Continue reading

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Angelina: Mary or Liberty?

They’re going ga ga over it at Philip Blosser’s web page. Actually only one person is. You decide. Here’s Angelina Jolie as model for the Blessed Mother by artist Kate Kretz: And here’s the obverse of the US Double Eagle … Continue reading

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“If you haven’t got a haypenny God bless you”

This coin, along with the copper large cent, were among the first official issues of the new federal mint in Philadelphia in 1793. Despite a popularity of copper coins among American collectors, the half cent series (1793-1857) has never caught … Continue reading

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