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Skeptical About

RNS linked the Religion Dispatches account of the black mass controversy at Harvard. Worthwhile reading, but taken with a grain of salt. When things get to the point of death threats, I think “hysteria” is an appropriate description. However, hysteria … Continue reading

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Contracting The culturewar

NCRep takes a look at the confluence of Catholic employment contracts and the culturewar. Pope Francis, by the way, has not pulled a Chamberlain, a MacArthur, or a somebody-in-between on the culturewar, American style. It’s still going. What’s all the … Continue reading

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The Jackie Letters

That I can throw up a headline like that and most of my readers will know exactly who Jackie is suggests that Mrs Kennedy-Onassis is still a celebrity figure like other one-namers: Madonna, Pink, W, for example. Should such letters … Continue reading

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Into Darkness

I notice all corners of the Catholic blogosphere are upset over the playacting of a black mass for “experienc(ing) the history of different cultural practices.” Our purpose is not to denigrate any religion or faith, which would be repugnant to our … Continue reading

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Too Much PPP?

One of the best Catholic bloggers surfaces occasionally at dotCommonweal where, very early this morning (Commonweal time, I presume), he suggested “#enoughalready.” So it has come to this.  We are now debating the doctrinal authority of papal tweets and phone … Continue reading

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Iniquitas radix malorum? Too Bad, Conservatives

Another tough year on the horizon for Catholic conservatives. The pope tweets in Latin, no less, and suddenly, the Right is full of chickens-with-heads-cut-off littles, wringing hands and pouting on the front porch. David Gibson “analyzes” here. Joe Carter offers … Continue reading

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Bat Christians

Another great image from the Francis papacy. “Bat Christians.” CNS recounts it: “We’re afraid of joy. It’s better thinking: ‘Yeah, yeah, God exists, but he’s up there; Jesus is risen, he’s there’ (at) a bit of distance,” he said. “We’re … Continue reading

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Wrong Question, Even For The States

“Above the fold” at RNS is Brian Pellot’s quick bit about a nation wringing hands over its identity. I’ve seen headlines on this discussion. If it took place in my own country, I couldn’t get excited about it. Is Britain … Continue reading

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Saints To Be Made

MoDo, certainly not a saint for internet Catholic true believers, is bound to raise blood pressures and temperatures with her NYT smackdown of one blessed here. And this, particularly, will be hard for many to swallow: The Vatican had a hard … Continue reading

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Prelates Pressured

The Catholic Press, at least its independent wing, continues to pressure bishops. Grant Gallicho continues the Commonweal hounding of American bishops of questionable administrative conduct. My sense if that Jeff Anderson is doing what any tenacious lawyer does to earn … Continue reading

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Bad Bishops: “Bad Pope, Bad Catholics”

Jimmy Mac sent me this link. After pondering that some prelates were maybe slugging down too much anise aperitif, I was thinking about 89 pages. Is that all? To be truthful: once you’re on a roll, why stop with 10.79 … Continue reading

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The Worship of Hate

It’s no laughing matter, certainly, but the white supremacist in my former city seemed unable to shoot straight, murdering three Christians in an attempt to rid the world of Jews. Or maybe he was shooting straight, or didn’t care. Daniel Burke … Continue reading

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Of Red Shoes, Non-Prada

Thirteen months on, it remains a vast amusement to see some conservative Catholics spinning Pope Francis to fit their worldview. Apparently, it’s not enough to read and consider the man’s words. William Oddie at Catholic Herald offers a take on “Should Pope … Continue reading

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My Neighborhood

After last night’s liturgy commission meeting, I walked with one of our students up the street toward her dorm. It was about 150 minutes before this unfortunate and senseless event began. She went south to the university, I pedaled north through … Continue reading

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Wizarding Spin-Off

The young miss emailed me with the news. Is this spin-off a good idea? I’m a skeptic. You can read up on the character here. First off, there’s no question that film one will be a massive moneymaker for all involved. … Continue reading

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