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Ecumenism, Gestures, Sex, and Peter

Even before a single Anglican emerged dripping, shivering, and towelling dry from the Tiber, there was lots of cheering, jeering, and whatnot on the forthcoming apostolic constitution on absorbing Anglicans into the Roman West. The matter doesn’t interest me deeply. … Continue reading

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“Vatican II is the reason”

Interesting comments from a once-Anglican bishop, now Catholic priest of Santa Fe: I don’t have any interest at all in the extraordinary rite or in any move of retrenchment against the Second Vatican Council. Vatican II is the reason I … Continue reading

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No Spirit For Joint Confirmation

I saw this piece reported on CNS and CathNews Australia: the CDWDS has vetoed a joint Anglican-Catholic Confirmation in New South Wales on Pentecost. I’m a bit unclear about one detail. Anthony Barich of CNS writes the Confirmation was to … Continue reading

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Ashes and Protestants

I saw this quick piece on Nashville Bishop David Choby’s visit to a Protestant university. Nice. Not surprising that reformation churches would latch on to this tradition. Not surprising at all. Check out Bishop Choby on video. When I was … Continue reading

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ABC on Lourdes

The Archbishop of Canterbury is under fire for going to Lourdes, preaching at Lourdes, and in general for being a “papal puppet.” Jeremy Brooks, of the Protestant Truth Society levels his criticism: Lourdes represents everything about Roman Catholicism that the … Continue reading

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Hryniewicz Abstract

Brian linked the abstract from the controversial paper by Polish theologian Waclaw Hryniewicz. I’d prefer to take a look at the whole thing, but I think what this summary reveals does not show the CDF in any more of a … Continue reading

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Cheering on the Beach, Holding a Towel

It’s alternately funny and sad to see conservative Catholics attempting ecumenism. Just as reform2 is sometimes an attempt to recover some idealized golden age of liturgy, I get the sense that for some Catholics, ecumenism is all about standing on … Continue reading

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