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Kit Is Cool

The young miss picked up some items at the library recently, including the dvd of Kit Kittredge: An American Girl. I was really impressed with this film: well-scripted, a talented and very deep cast, a nicely plotted story and just … Continue reading

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Good Things To Watch

The new Star Trek movie comes out to mass audiences tomorrow. I’m not terribly optimistic, although I do hear that a big budget for effects has been engaged. Do the producers behind this effort realize a good story will bring … Continue reading

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Wrong Way Film Criticism

I notice the usual Catholic bloggers are falling over themselves to tell you a horrid movie is coming out soon. More so, the criticisms of Dan Brown seem to have been exhausted, so they need to tell us the director’s … Continue reading

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Junior year in my Catholic high school we had a non-Catholic teacher instructing us in German. With most, but not all teachers, we began each class period with prayer. It was usually teacher-led. But not always. One day, a good bit … Continue reading

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Life on tv

Since my return to the realm of television in 1993 (I hadn’t owned one and watched little since the mid-70’s), I’ve been an admirer of David Attenborough‘s documentaries. I first saw The Private Life of Plants around the time I got married and … Continue reading

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Recent Films

We’ve been watching a lot of movies at home lately. It’s been interesting to branch out from Ebert thumbs-up flicks at the theater. In no particular order … We watched The Wedding Date, which I liked a little bit better … Continue reading

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From The Earth To The Moon

Over the Christmas holidays I finally had the chance to view the whole mini-series From The Earth To The Moon. Anita and Brittany gave it to me for my birthday last month. Several years ago I saw four or five … Continue reading

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Twelfth Night

Last night is when it was. We were busy eating homemade pizza and watching football (one of the cat teams versus our friend Tom’s Steelers). I was thinking this morning about the great movie adaptation of one of my favorite … Continue reading

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Harry Forbes Defends, Plus Compass Fallout

The Catholic News Hub links to the Diocese of Bridgeport’s piece on the USCCB reviewer whom many Catholics felt was not foam-mouthed enough about that movie. Forbes is right on many points, including one: many of his attackers did not … Continue reading

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Compass: Golden or Moral?

I was a bit surprised to find a post on Vox Nova going beyond just criticism of the forthcoming film The Golden Compass. Anyone who (orders Bill Donohue’s booklet) will be armed with all the ammo they need to convince … Continue reading

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Upcoming Flicks

Crystal blogged on the second National Treasure movie coming up for release in a few weeks. My wife (the history buff) and daughter actually wore out the videotape of the first film. We now have it on an oft-viewed dvd, … Continue reading

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The Girls of Lars

Roger Ebert’s review pretty much nails the goodness of this movie, which Anita and I caught last Friday. Lots of other reviewers really missed the boat–which doesn’t surprise me. This film is deeply moral and backs it up with a … Continue reading

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Shelf and Screen: Progress and Redemption

Over the past two years, I’ve enjoyed a handful of first novels in the sf/fantasy genre. One of last year’s enjoyable reads was from Tobias Buckell, so I was heading into his second novel, Ragamuffin, with some excitement. The title … Continue reading

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Le Peuple Migrateur

Also known as Winged Migration. We borrowed it from the library last week and settled down to watch it this morning. Today was a happy confluence of a day off from school and my wife’s birthday. I figured I might … Continue reading

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