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Doubters and Brothers and Twins

I had lunch with a priest friend today. Some nice Indian food seemed a perfect way to accompany a mealtime chat on the feast of the apostle to India Later tonight, I noticed Jim Martin’s essay on Thomas, plus the … Continue reading

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Dietary Shift

Out of the hospital long enough to look in on 4:45 Mass, hit the grocery store and make dinner for the young miss and myself. How much of this food will the patient* be able to consume upon her return … Continue reading

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What’s For Lunch

The young miss finishes up her last final exams today. Summer vacation beckons. She’ll be getting home in an hour or so. Algebra is hard work, so we have a little chicken korma and fruit-flavored rice prepared to start the … Continue reading

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You Can’t Just Haul A Cooler of Wine to Mass

… and come away with a chest of Blood. Artist Sebastian Errazuriz suggests that his supply of vino was … inadvertently blessed by the priest while turning wine into the blood of Christ during the Eucharist. Well, no. It doesn’t … Continue reading

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Passing Over and Looking Good

Archbishop Dolan has been getting poked here and there for political and theological particulars spouted on his recent rightmedia appearances. Here he is at the HuffPo speaking briefly on Holy Week and Easter. This is good material. No question he’s … Continue reading

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Fasting and Numbers

Saint Jerome once said: When the stomach is full, it is easy to talk of fasting. It was a busy day at the parish, bigger than any other Sunday of the year, even Parent’s Weekend. But I did take time to … Continue reading

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Revealing Diet

Deacon Greg linked the details of Archbishop Dolan’s diet, and I have some questions. I know that the Jovial One has been dieting from reading his blog. But is it appropriate, even if the patient has given the thumbs up, … Continue reading

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A Superior Cook Blog

Clare, my friend and a parishioner, started an excellent blog several weeks ago. I’ve been meaning to put it up on the sidebar, and I finally accomplished that task. Her last two posts have been on home-made ice cream and … Continue reading

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Enough Loss For A Lent

Or maybe a few Lents. And it’s not even 2012 yet, let alone February. People have commented on the difficulty of dieting the past several months. I don’t know what to tell them. While I love certain foods, especially sweets, … Continue reading

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In my transition to healthier eating, I’ve been researching whole grains. My diet formulators give you no grains during the fat burning stage of your diet. Then they encourage nothing but whole grains as you transition out of it into … Continue reading

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Cocoa & Gobbling

My wife has begun my diet program. She dislikes a wider range of the prepared foods. Vanilla pudding is one. It’s too … vanilla. There’s only 15 calories per tablespoon of cocoa, so I suggested she try adding that chocolate … Continue reading

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Multiple Motivations

As people feel free to inquire about my weight loss (diet, disease, or what?) I’ve had some opportunities to share my own motivations for losing weight. I’ve also heard other people who have spoken with me about the possibility of … Continue reading

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When we were sharing the bathroom yesterday, my wife said, “Please stop your diet. I can see your ribs.” I was showering and I had my arms over my head scrubbing. Naturally, bones will show through the skin when the … Continue reading

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Reaping A Fruit

I’ve graduated to the transition stage of my diet. I’m now permitted fruit. One of the harder aspects of weight loss has been giving up fruit. Maybe harder than abstaining from sweets. So the fruits of my diet were earned … Continue reading

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Losing A Bit More

On the diet front, I seem to have stabilized somewhat with minus-fifty-four pounds. It’s been this way for about a week now. I hope it’s not the capful of Irish Cream syrup I use with my pancakes. I’ve been most … Continue reading

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