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These puppies have saved my diet. I don’t know why my diet plan forbids fruit, yet allows me tomato–which is technically a fruit. I’m not arguing, especially because I get to eat my favorite vegetable that’s really a fruit. I … Continue reading

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Things I Do For Love

Long day today. Every summer, I promise the young miss a day at some park of amusement. Today was the day to brave 106 central Iowa HX and smash my brains on roller coasters. Maintaining my diet was in one … Continue reading

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Overweight No More

The good counsel of diet coaches is to place a number of goals on the journey of loss. I’ve tried to bolster personal motivation by having several: lose the first pound ten pounds the first belt hole get to 200, … Continue reading

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34 to 41 and Back Again

I thought I had given away all my old trousers. I found a small stack tucked away in the back of my closet. They should’ve gone to the GoodWill or the parish rummage sale years ago. Amazingly, I can now … Continue reading

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Cakes, Chicken Tandoori, and Other Foods

The losing continues. I’m still weighing in at minus twenty-two pounds–the same as six days ago. I think Monday’s weigh-in was affected by the exercise I got while mowing the yard. My usual form of exertion is walking or yoga … Continue reading

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More Losing

Mowed the grass for the first time in two weeks. I have an old pair of grass-stained pants that were a tight fit the last time I did yard work. They fit well today. It’s not really accurate to weigh … Continue reading

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Cooking with Soy–Yuck!

You know, if my diet program only provided drinks and soup, I’d be happy enough. Five flavors of shakes–a nice surprise. The cocoa has been decent, because I don’t bother heating it anymore. It functions perfectly well as an iced … Continue reading

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Salads: To Dress or Not?

On my diet plan, I’m permitted miniscule amounts of “condiments.” Salads are a challenge, or at first glance I thought they’d be. My favorite salad dresings are caesar and blue cheese. (I’ll state up front that in spite of its … Continue reading

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Another Experience of Loss

Something different than last week’s experience: I’ve begun my summer project of losing fifty pounds. By the time the students return for Fall semester, my plan is to be back at my college weight. I’ve shared with a number of … Continue reading

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Griddle Sandwiches

I don’t know about you, but I love grilled sandwiches. I’ve been feeling that I’ve lost the creative edge in my cooking these days. After a full evening of meetings at the parish center tonight, I came home to make … Continue reading

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My wife had an opportunity to visit a friend back in Kansas City, and assist in the care of some pets. She’s been gone the whole week. It sure will be good to have her home again Monday. Meanwhile the … Continue reading

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Comfort Food

On the Food Network, Emeril Lagasse and Rachael Ray have both done shows featuring “comfort food,” well loved recipes that pamper the eater with tastes well within the box: spaghetti and meatballs, macaroni and cheese, chicken soup–stuff like that. The … Continue reading

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Eating During Lent

Time to plan those meatless family meals: Lent is very near. Today’s CNS feature tells a bit of it. I usually have one meatless meal with my family each week. Lately, I’ve tried to move that to Friday. I did … Continue reading

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Got Soup

Want a bowl of hot soup? It’s a good soup day in central Iowa. This morning, I woke up, got out of bed, and before a ran a comb across my head, I noticed whiteness outside–lots of it. We’ve received … Continue reading

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Apple Salad

After Mass yesterday morning, we were off to visit family for the holiday meal. My brother’s mother-in-law, an old family friend and adoptive “grandma” of the young miss, hosted. The main Thanksgiving fare was already spoken for in the food … Continue reading

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