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The Sacramental Revolution of Pope Pius X

Liam suggested in a comment last week that a look at “(t)he century of reform might also take into account the sacramental revolution of Pius X,” namely two documents. First, Pius X’s 1905 Sacra Tridentina: On Frequent and Daily Reception … Continue reading

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Five Not-So-Easy Pieces

I had noticed Jim Martin’s piece before on the new site, The Jesuit Post, but Liam emailed it to me with this commentary: An inspirational break from the dispiriting Indeed. So I read “The Five Best Pieces of Jesuit Wisdom I’ve … Continue reading

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Looking Back on Baptism of the Lord

Liam sent me the link on what your parish should have been celebrating yesterday if it observed Epiphany this past Sunday. Here’s a riff on that theme … Many feasts of the Lord lend their names to parishes: Nativity, Transfiguration, … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Continuity for the First Weekdays in Ordinary Time

Liam offers another armchair liturgist bit for us today: Studying my new daily missal for the coming week, I see that it provides that, when the Baptism of the Lord is celebrated on Monday, as it is this year in … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist Ponders Epiphany

Liam suggested I pose some armchair questions for you liturgists-to-be: The new Missal, finally, contains propers for the Vigil of Epiphany. The readings (including the psalm) are the same for the Vigil and the Day. The collects, offertory prayer and … Continue reading

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Just Desserts

Liam sent me Jonah Lehrer’s piece, “Is The World Just?” It turns out that we all have an intuitive belief in justice – people get what they deserve. This instinct makes all sorts of social contracts possible, but it comes … Continue reading

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Infrequent Sacramental Encounters Good?

A few weeks back Liam sent me this quote from a NLM guest contributor, Maurizio Bettoja: In the first place, there is the fact that communion is evidently a particularly important and exceptional rite. Communion as practiced today is essentially … Continue reading

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