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Advent Music: My Soul In Stillness Waits

I mentioned this song ten years ago today. I mentioned then that I wish Marty Haugen had set or adapted all of the O Antiphons instead of just four of them. The piece is well over thirty years old now, … Continue reading

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Seeking Spiritual Union

Many of my Catholic sisters and brothers desire two colors. White. Black. Period. White and black give perfect clarity in all situations, and help one know exactly what to do. In the case of liturgy, when to sing, what to … Continue reading

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I saw at the Café, Adam Bartlett is picking up on a generation-old argument for a permanent hymnal. It’s not a bad argument to make. Economically and green-wise, it’s often a good solution for parishes. My own parish is approaching … Continue reading

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Conflicts and Tensions in Church Music

One more thing about that Joseph Swain interview in CWR. He mentions three “conflicts” at the conclusion of the chat. I think I see them as more tensions. But yes, in some places, especially on the internet, conflict breaks out. … Continue reading

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Analyzing Folk Music

In medicine, diagnosis is essential. Doctors missed my mother’s heart disease because they were treating her as a female man. They looked at her symptoms in the 90’s, and saw anemia. So she was medicated for anemia and it caused … Continue reading

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I have a Twitter thing, but you don’t see it in the margin; I mainly use it for the parish liturgy. And not all that much. I missed a lot of the fuss this week on #addawordruinahymn. It looked mostly … Continue reading

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Facing Others in Ministry

I was reading an excellent article in the journal Emmanuel by Father Michael L. Gaudoin-Parker. As I was reading “Preaching: Facing the Other: St Peter-Julian Eymard’s Approach” it struck me how apt the notion of facing people serves the deepest … Continue reading

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Liturgical Trio

I feel certain it was an Iowa rarity in liturgical music, if not a first. I was part of a three-percussion-instrument accompaniment for the parish’s 10:30 small choir. Piano, marimba, and trap set. My friend Hillary asked the church to house … Continue reading

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Washing Wedded Feet

My pastor likes to steer couples away from the unity candle. Or sand. Or stuff like that after the exchange of vows and rings. I had never experienced washing feet at a wedding until I arrived at my current parish. … Continue reading

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Glory & Praise: The Next Generation

A number of years ago, I posted some analysis of the first three Glory & Praise volumes (red, blue, and yellow, respectively). Liam had suggested I write up my thoughts on music from those three volumes that I liked, and … Continue reading

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Familiarity breeds, as they say. In a recent post on another blog, the topic squeezed in: are some liturgical songs sung too often? I say yes. The question that’s of more interest to me is why. When non-musician lay Catholics are … Continue reading

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Spy Wednesday

In the NAB, we read in Luke 22:4-5: (Judas) went to the chief priests and temple guards to discuss a plan for handing him over to them. They were pleased and agreed to pay him money. Pleased? The NRSV gives … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Acclamations During The Passion Reading

This might be in that twilight zone of things recently frowned on, but my parish has a long tradition of musical acclamations inserted within the Passion Gospels. I see the Lucan refrain of the thief on the cross used in many … Continue reading

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MR3 Skin Deep

I had an interesting observation last night at Mass. But first, some backstory … Our parish’s third MR3 Mass setting is a revision of Steven Janco’s Mass of Angels and Saints. The Sanctus has been a bit rough. The “learning” to … Continue reading

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Too Much Psalm 91?

Can you ever get too much of a Scripture passage? In the Roman Antiphonary, this listing is given for the First Sunday of Lent: Entrance Antiphon Cf. Ps 90: 15-16 When he calls on me, I will answer him; I … Continue reading

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