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Conflicts and Tensions in Church Music

One more thing about that Joseph Swain interview in CWR. He mentions three “conflicts” at the conclusion of the chat. I think I see them as more tensions. But yes, in some places, especially on the internet, conflict breaks out. … Continue reading

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Analyzing Folk Music

In medicine, diagnosis is essential. Doctors missed my mother’s heart disease because they were treating her as a female man. They looked at her symptoms in the 90’s, and saw anemia. So she was medicated for anemia and it caused … Continue reading

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I have a Twitter thing, but you don’t see it in the margin; I mainly use it for the parish liturgy. And not all that much. I missed a lot of the fuss this week on #addawordruinahymn. It looked mostly … Continue reading

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Facing Others in Ministry

I was reading an excellent article in the journal Emmanuel by Father Michael L. Gaudoin-Parker. As I was reading “Preaching: Facing the Other: St Peter-Julian Eymard’s Approach” it struck me how apt the notion of facing people serves the deepest … Continue reading

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Liturgical Trio

I feel certain it was an Iowa rarity in liturgical music, if not a first. I was part of a three-percussion-instrument accompaniment for the parish’s 10:30 small choir. Piano, marimba, and trap set. My friend Hillary asked the church to house … Continue reading

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Washing Wedded Feet

My pastor likes to steer couples away from the unity candle. Or sand. Or stuff like that after the exchange of vows and rings. I had never experienced washing feet at a wedding until I arrived at my current parish. … Continue reading

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Glory & Praise: The Next Generation

A number of years ago, I posted some analysis of the first three Glory & Praise volumes (red, blue, and yellow, respectively). Liam had suggested I write up my thoughts on music from those three volumes that I liked, and … Continue reading

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