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Today is the second white feast of Lent. Christmas minus nine months. When the parishioner who oversees vestment dry cleaning came in for the “spring cleaning” Sunday, I remembered to have her save a white chasuble. Aside from white, the … Continue reading

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Crown of Thorns Up

The Lenten crown of thorns got lofted up the west wall today. The view from the entrance and narthex: It seems massive compared to most church decorations, but it almost gets lost in the vast spaces of empty walls in … Continue reading

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Sub Zero But Clear

Anticipating I wasn’t going to be happy about shoveling out in below-zero temps this morning, I cleared the home driveway and walks last night after church. Sure enough, my car thought twice before igniting. Minus-nine Fahrenheit. It was another f-word … Continue reading

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On My Bookshelf: Naked, And You Clothed Me

I’m on the fence about books of homilies. A confession: I wrote for a homily service for several years back in the 90’s. I was given three assignments each quarter, and I tried my best with them. But toward the … Continue reading

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Throwing In The Towel

I’ve been following NLM these past few weeks, and commenting there a bit. I think they forgot they banned me a number of years ago. My days may already be numbered there–who knows? Another voice seems to be giving up … Continue reading

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Lost Bread

My Monday sacristan reported this morning we were out of large altar breads–the size we use on Sunday. Just last month I had a supply of a few hundred. One of our parishioners asked me what the attraction might be, … Continue reading

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Monstrance Latch

The archbishop came to visit last week. Unfortunately, at Benediction, he was the latest victim of the swinging door on the monstrance. I realize now how important that class, “Liturgical Shop,” would have been in grad school. Future liturgists and … Continue reading

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Credence Cabinet

We replaced the credence table in our church last week. Here is the former piece: It seemed time to improve on the old brass and marble that didn’t seem to harmonize with the ash and iron of the current furnishings. … Continue reading

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Christmas Scheduling

My former parish in Kansas City had a grueling Christmas schedule. I inherited four Christmas Eve Masses (two simultaneously on our campus with a total of 1300-plus between them), a Midnight Mass, and three on Christmas morning. A few years … Continue reading

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Mass at the Church of Gesù

Early morning Masses in Rome are very early in the Americas. Or very late, I suppose–but I don’t keep those late hours as I did in my student days. I found a link on UCA News for this celebration of … Continue reading

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On the Road for a Holy Day Mass

We’ve been in Kansas City the past few days visiting with friends. The young miss, my wife and I had a spot of shopping to do for the party tonight, then we visited a parish nearby for Mass. A good … Continue reading

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Maybe The Gloria Is Inadequate

One of the current discussions in Catholic liturgical music is setting the Gloria. My parish invested time to introduce a through-sung setting, and mostly, it has paid off. The responsorial format, over the years, has often (but not always) resulted … Continue reading

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Those Uppity Germans

The German rollout of MR3 is on ice. If their version is anything like our tortured English, the pewfolk are better off and the clergy have more time to hear confessions on Saturday. A pastor in the United States said … Continue reading

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A Central Christ

Pope Francis preaches the centrality of Christ, in three ways. Christ at the center of creation, of his people, and of history: 1. The apostle Paul, in the second reading, taken from the letter to the Colossians, offers us a … Continue reading

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It’s About God

Pope Francis speaks on worship: This is also valid for liturgical ceremonies: what is most important in this liturgical ceremony? Chants, rituals – they are all beautiful… but the most important thing is worship. I see the Chant Café also … Continue reading

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