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Busy Bishop

Bishop Arthur Seratelli ekes out a liturgy chair at the USCCB today by two votes. Here are his other commitments, according to PrayTell: Commissioner of ICEL Member, Vox Clara Commission Member, Task Force for the Review of the Lectionary Member, ad … Continue reading

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Observing All Souls

In other parishes I’ve served, November 2nd was a big deal. Somewhat in our university parish, but surprisingly, not connected with Mass. Our noon Mass isn’t conducive to a wide participation. I had pushed gently for an evening Mass. That … Continue reading

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Book of the Deceased

We received our new book of the deceased today. We had been purchasing blank books from publishers. A bequest from a parishioner funded this initiative. The book came in a nice box from our bookbinder, Peggy Johnston: Unfold the box, … Continue reading

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Vox Clara in Rome

Don’t look now, but some of our favorite reform2 prelates are sipping on vino in proximity to the Tiber this week. From Vatican Radio’s website, Archbishop Terrence Prendergast of Ottawa: I think one of the main tasks we have is … Continue reading

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Café Participation

Adam Wood and I are getting into a decent discussion on participation at the Café. Adam is a good egg. I think he’s colored somewhat by his surroundings, and takes a little too much time to harp on what he … Continue reading

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The Count of Catholic October

Count every head, the memo said. We’ve been fortunate (I think) at my parish because Parents’ Weekend always and Homecoming usually falls in the month we’re directed to count the people who come to weekend Masses. My wife said the … Continue reading

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Pakistan: One Nation, One Blood

A hopeful story from Pakistan, at the location where over one-hundred Pakistanis died last Sunday in an attack outside a Christian church. Mohammad Jibran Nasir, organized human chain outside St Anthony’s Church in Lahore. He said: Well the terrorists showed … Continue reading

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Abp Marini @ FDLC

Reform2 boogeyman Piero Marini spoke on Sacrosanctum Concilium yesterday in Erie, Pennsylvania. The archbishop, and rumored CDWDS head-in-waiting: The Constitution Sacrosanctum Concilium, more than being a manual for reforming rites, is a magna carta capable of inspiring the renewal of … Continue reading

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German MR3 Tabled

PrayTell reports that German-speaking bishops (3 nations) have tabled their new Mass translation. The funeral rites were pulled after just six weeks of use not too long ago. With tectonic plates shifting under the Tiber, I’d say future movement along … Continue reading

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Paschal Candle Stand Upgrade

The paschal candle stand has needed an upgrade. We used to have a one-inch thick cylinder on which to mount the Easter Candle. It necessitated drilling into the bottom of the candle. The 2012 edition was cracked. And this year’s … Continue reading

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Preaching on a Martyr’s Example

Deacon John Herman preached today’s Masses at the parish. He largely talked about his brother, our parish and diocese’s martyr, Ray Herman. I was reminded that a young man listened to Jesus and took it very, very seriously. He shifted … Continue reading

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Punditry Entertainment Value

So the rumors are swirling again that Pope Francis will name Marini I to head CDWDS. Except for the entertainment value this appointment provides, I don’t care that much. One commenter: I don’t know what all this anguished grumbling is all … Continue reading

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New Liturgy Consultants

The five-year terms of reform2 consultants has expired, and Pope Francis has named others to the Office of Liturgical Celebrations of the Supreme Pontiff. Commentary at PrayTell. Original news piece here.

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Modern Catholic Mysticism

A few related threads from different sources in the blogosphere caught my attention today. This essay that follows doesn’t have a clear conclusion, really. It’s more an unfinished line of thought. So if you readers have more to add, to refine, feel free. … Continue reading

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When Liturgy Breaks Bad I

Journalist and blogger Mary DeTurris Poust posts on “Losing … Religion.” I have been desperate for a shepherd, for someone who wants to meet me in my darkness and walk with me spiritually, for someone who gets up there and tries … Continue reading

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