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Washing Wedded Feet

My pastor likes to steer couples away from the unity candle. Or sand. Or stuff like that after the exchange of vows and rings. I had never experienced washing feet at a wedding until I arrived at my current parish. … Continue reading

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Congregational Singing: A Wrong Issue?

A few Café folks asked for more than my very brief criticism of what I thought to be a wrong-headed editorial from Jeffrey Tucker. First, perhaps a few things need to be re-stated. I think Jeffrey is one fine fellow. Those … Continue reading

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Dressing for Blessing

There’s that apocryphal story of Thomas Aquinas’s family sending a naked prostitute into his room to dissuade him from becoming a Dominican. The Angelic Doctor was unmoved, so the tale goes. Messengers from heaven dressed him for lack of sexual … Continue reading

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“No Life Is Destroyed”

My colleague Fr Richmond‘s homily from this past weekend. His reflection on Genesis 18 was far superior to my written one.

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Liturgy, incarnation, and other messes of love

So here I am posting daily here at Catholic Sensibility, which is such a liturgy blog, and I have said so little about liturgy. I’m in way over my head talking about liturgy on these pages! Make no mistake, I … Continue reading

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Chairs for Peter

CNS posted this image of chairs for Pope Francis for WYD. I like these. Clearly wood, and probably not that pressed/glued stuff they make into artificial boards. Likely relatively light weight to be carried into and out of place. Not … Continue reading

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Whither Sunday?

Rita Ferrone offers an excellent essay on Sunday at PrayTell. I would like to offer a few branch-off thoughts. 1 In my first campus ministry assignment we had a discussion and discernment opportunity about the Mass schedule. The choice was presented … Continue reading

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A Sense of Perspective

My parish’s sound system installation proceeds. By the end of next week, we should have completed installation and “commissioning,” including an orientation to new hardware. We’ll also be tweaking the weekend of 13-14 July. One piece that was criticized, despite … Continue reading

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White, Melting

This past week’s shipment of low gluten altar bread contained a surprise. Yikes. They are white. Read more about the low gluten bread here. One of our parishioners reported to me the new host “melted in her mouth.” This will … Continue reading

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PrayTell linked to the speculation over the curia, that it’s time for Pope Francis to slip some new guys into key posts. Most of the interest will be in the Secretary of State position. But they mention liturgy too. A … Continue reading

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A Meaningful Peace, An Honest Struggle

One of those post-conciliar flashpoints, the Rite of Peace, is discussed at length at PrayTell this week. My favorite comment comes from commenter Jonathan Day: On the peace: it is hard for me to see why anyone would object to … Continue reading

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Baptism at Sunday Eucharist

From the East balcony, a view over our narthex and the Rite of Baptism as celebrated at a recent Sunday Mass. What’s interesting is that over the past fourteen years, no young person or anybody else for that matter, needs … Continue reading

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Homily Series

I’ve always wondered why more Catholic clergy don’t preach a series. Even great homilists cultivate a message based on a set of Sunday readings in isolation from what was preached the week before and what will be preached the week … Continue reading

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The Saturday Wedding Question

The young miss wasn’t interested in the finer liturgical point I was attempting. She had been told (by someone who shall remain nameless) that a Saturday wedding counts for the Sunday obligation. (They did have the Gloria, per MR3.) When … Continue reading

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Narthex Panorama

This is from the last 7pm Mass of the semester, about fifteen minutes after Mass. It’s nice to be back from exile, mainly because people have more reason for the post-liturgical buzz. You get the baptismal font, the Story Wall, … Continue reading

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