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Liturgical Accessory: What Is It?

What is it? Can any reader identify for what this is used? Bonus points if you have a name for it.

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Archbishop’s Homily

Archbishop Jackels preached this evening, and I loved his structure, content, and his use of a very good speaking voice. He was somewhat soft-spoken, but another parishioner commented on his gravitas. He sang the presidential prayers. My wife liked that, … Continue reading

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Remember the Date?

I had missed Pope Francis’s question in his narrative of Mother church last week. This quick news bit drew it out: I would like to ask each of you here, and you can respond in your heart: how many of … Continue reading

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Approaching Mount Zion in Humility

The pastor preached on humility tonight: I appreciate his concise, pointed homilies. One parishioner remarked to me tonight that he likes getting challenged–and Fr Seda always does that for him. That said, I was drawn to the great image in … Continue reading

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Sunday Homily for 21st Ordinary C

My colleague Fr Richmond preached at our four Masses this past weekend. If you want the reference to the coconut tree, check his homily two weeks ago.

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A Spectrum of Prayers

At PrayTell, Fr Alan Griffiths tries to put the best face on Liturgiam Authenticam with a translation of Eucharistic Prayer I. It’s an earnest attempt, and honest. But the retrenchment movement has made me a skeptic. And I think that LA/MR3 … Continue reading

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Easter Lectionary Suggestion: Paul at the Areopagus

Nearly every believer who knows about it concedes the Vatican II Lectionary reform was a great success, actually accomplishing the opening of Scripture to the liturgical assembly. That said, there are a few glaring omissions. One of my pet obsessions … Continue reading

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Sunday Homily for 19th Ordinary C

My colleague Fr Richmond’s homily from my parish’s 10:30 Mass this past weekend.  

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Greed Is Not Good

My pastor, Fr Jon Seda preached it this weekend:

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Liturgical Trio

I feel certain it was an Iowa rarity in liturgical music, if not a first. I was part of a three-percussion-instrument accompaniment for the parish’s 10:30 small choir. Piano, marimba, and trap set. My friend Hillary asked the church to house … Continue reading

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Washing Wedded Feet

My pastor likes to steer couples away from the unity candle. Or sand. Or stuff like that after the exchange of vows and rings. I had never experienced washing feet at a wedding until I arrived at my current parish. … Continue reading

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Congregational Singing: A Wrong Issue?

A few Café folks asked for more than my very brief criticism of what I thought to be a wrong-headed editorial from Jeffrey Tucker. First, perhaps a few things need to be re-stated. I think Jeffrey is one fine fellow. Those … Continue reading

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Dressing for Blessing

There’s that apocryphal story of Thomas Aquinas’s family sending a naked prostitute into his room to dissuade him from becoming a Dominican. The Angelic Doctor was unmoved, so the tale goes. Messengers from heaven dressed him for lack of sexual … Continue reading

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“No Life Is Destroyed”

My colleague Fr Richmond‘s homily from this past weekend. His reflection on Genesis 18 was far superior to my written one.

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Liturgy, incarnation, and other messes of love

So here I am posting daily here at Catholic Sensibility, which is such a liturgy blog, and I have said so little about liturgy. I’m in way over my head talking about liturgy on these pages! Make no mistake, I … Continue reading

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