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War Is Over

John Lennon would be pleased. The cardinal Müller and the theologian Gutiérrez: it is enough they are friends, and engage a mutual respect, and that the days of watchdoggery in the CDF are over? The Latin American ecclesial and theological movement … Continue reading

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On My Bookshelf: Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic

Matthew Kelly is popular among many of our people at the student center. We have a handful of his books in the library. For about a decade, I’ve heard of his speaking appearances. When Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic … Continue reading

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Pope Improv

I heard that with the last pope people in audiences were told not to ask questions. And if questions were to be asked, they were submitted in advance for approval. In the school of evangelization, seekers and doubters and skeptics … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Archbishops: Show and Tell

NCR’s Tom Roberts compares and contrasts the two high profile American Capuchin Franciscan archbishops. I had a correspondence with Archbishop Chaput a number of years ago. I complained about a George Weigel piece–I don’t know if it was a talk … Continue reading

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On My Bookshelf: Rebuilt

I lobbied our parish librarian to acquire this book for our faith community. I plan to recommend everybody on the pastoral council read it. My staff colleagues, too. If any reader out there has any sense of commitment to the … Continue reading

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Membership is for Serving and Giving

RNS posted a brief interview with Dr Thom Rainer, Baptist minister and author. His latest book is I Am A Church Member. One of the money quotes from the interview is this: My research shows that most church members do … Continue reading

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The piece on Rock’s Twitter feed caught my eye. Pope Francis addressing women religious in Rome, more so. Especially this bit: We think of the harm inflicted on the People of God by men and women of the Church who … Continue reading

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How To Choose a Wedding Reading

We fielded an apt question from a commenter yesterday about choosing the right reading for a wedding. It is very heartening to see engaged people take the selection of wedding Scripture seriously. This is a topic that I find difficult … Continue reading

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Twenty-five years ago today, I was given my last diploma. Left to right, some important men in my formative life. The dean, Fr Sebastian Falcone, looking to the next graduate. But when I was in my first year there, convinced … Continue reading

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On My Bookshelf: Evangelization

I’ve been cleaning off the bookshelf in my parish office. A few weeks ago I noticed two brief, older volumes I must have picked up shortly after grad school. Authored by the Chicago archdiocesan priest Patrick J. Brennan, each is a … Continue reading

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Doing More With More

There was a fussy comment on a conservative Catholic web site a week or two ago about the way some of us liturgists go hyper when one person is signed on for more than one ministry at a single Mass. … Continue reading

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More on LCWR/CDF

I was pondering another post on the LCWR-CDF dust-up. Honestly, I didn’t think there was anything more to say about it. It seems to be in the hands of the bishops and the sisters. I think the bishops are in … Continue reading

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Archbishop Chaput On The Job

David Gibson at RNS gave a teaser for an Archbishop Chaput piece in Catholic Philly here. The RNS comment: Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput is also known as a straight-talking fellow, and God bless him for telling it like is. And … Continue reading

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More Hand Wringing on Feet Washing

From England and Wales, Father Paul Gunter, secretary for the department for Christian Life and Worship, weighed in a few days ago on washing the feet of Holy Thursday women. To sum: don’t do as the pope does, do as … Continue reading

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The east balcony looks almost normal. However, the plants and furniture haven’t returned, nor the image of Saint Jude from the old Reconciliation Chapel. It was a sunny Spring day when we did a walk-through of the building Monday. I … Continue reading

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