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On Self-Absorption

CNS had a teaser of a piece yesterday. Pope Francis, before his election, took his turn talking at the pre-conclave meetings. A message that seemed to point at the institution has a resonance with Christian ministry. I’d like to read … Continue reading

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Getting Into My Gig, Part 2

Last week I described my exit from the world of full-time secular work. My experience of the Paschal Triduum twenty years ago this month at St Charles Borromeo Parish in Bloomington, Indiana was certainly an eye-opener. I had the immediate … Continue reading

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Getting Into My Gig, Part 1

I’ve enjoyed Rory Cooney’s entry into the blogosphere, Gentle Reign. I especially like the stories behind his songs and recordings. This week, his post on his thirty-year anniversary as a parish music director plucked a few of my historical strings. … Continue reading

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Where Does This Holy Thursday Lead?

I’ve been reticent about posting on every news item coming from the vicinity of Pope Francis. Cardinal Law. Msgr Marini. Et cetera. It seems he will be celebrating the Mass of the Lord’s Supper in a youth prison. It had … Continue reading

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Pope Francis On Liturgy III

Let’s talk about the celebration of the Eucharist. I found this interview with Cardinal Bergoglio from 2007.  He covers other things, but I was struck by what he said about the celebration of Mass as the Latin American bishops met for their … Continue reading

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Pope Francis On Liturgy II

What strikes me most about this image posted at PrayTell is the predominance of women, perhaps as many as four generations represented. Contrast that with the images of popes at liturgy–nearly all surrounded by men. Fawning men. Here, the focus … Continue reading

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Pope Francis On Liturgy I

Let’s talk baptism … When Cardinal Bergoglio was asked about the baptism of children whose parents were not married, he responded: To us here that would be like closing the doors of the Church. The child has no responsibility for … Continue reading

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Where Is Virtue?

I have high hopes for this month’s conclave. I really do. March 11th, I see. Enough time for a few days of voting, then get the new pope fitted for Holy Week vestments. Against a baseline of the life of … Continue reading

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The Technological Door Into Lent

My colleague Cody set up a Facebook challenge for our staff and peer ministers, and other student leaders. Our goal is 1500 invitations and 500 going. This is a good start for using social media, but I think in 2014, … Continue reading

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On The Clock?

The Goodbye Bad Bishops site* seems to have been taken over by the Chinese, but if any fisheaters are still keeping track, I wonder if they will put longtime conservative darling Archbishop John Myers on the clock for his latest … Continue reading

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Sampling Some Bitterness

I see the Chant Cafe commentariat is excited about a new sheriff bishop riding into Portland. There’s a good bit about which to comment about this move. Careerism, first. I remember feeling hopeful about Pope Benedict’s early episcopal appointments in … Continue reading

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Catholics Schools Week

It’s been five years since I was in a parish with a school. So I feel far-removed from the concerns and culture of Catholic schools. Indeed, not all Catholics are convinced of their value. To many hard-core conservatives, parish and … Continue reading

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Still Conferencing

Posting will be light for a few days here … We’re finishing up the campus ministry conference. It has been a rich experience in the usual ways for me: connecting with new colleagues, sharing insights with my friends on staff … Continue reading

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The morning speaker, Ed Hahnenberg was outstanding in presenting on a wider sense of vocation in the Church, and how this is a needed corrective. If I were to blog on that, I would use up my spare free time … Continue reading

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The Place of Mission

My lectio today wasn’t terribly inspiring. But on the plane this morning, I was reading a bit of the traditional Jewish principle of the Shaliach, the person sent on a mission. Such people act not on their own behalf, but … Continue reading

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