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Antarctic Monasticism

Feeling a bit better today. But with howling winds pushing the falling and fallen snow, I don’t think I’ll be venturing out until much later today. They already closed the church office. Did I mention this was tabbed the worst … Continue reading

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Lectio for Lent

From the PrayTell blog, a link to Abbot John Klassen’s talk on Lectio Divina. This was filmed during my visit to St John’s last November, and the abbot had requested an “audience,” to help engage the presentation. So we retreatants … Continue reading

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Dispelling a Myth: The Church is not a Democracy

My wife and I are on a few mailing lists for monasteries. Places we’ve visited hold a special affection, and I read their newsletters completely when they arrive at our home. A bit of reading has piled up this summer, … Continue reading

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Lovers of the Place

Rocco Palmo, as well as other writers, have reported on the death of Dom Francis Kline, abbot of Mepkin Abbey in South Carolina. Dom Kline, a Trappist, will be buried tomorrow. Rocco also linked to an article in the State … Continue reading

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When Monks Go Bad: “Second Abbots” and the Rule of St Benedict

This isn’t about some unfortunate battle at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. It is rather about the most dangerous person in any Benedictine Monastery. Who can this be? The young novice? The cellarer? The abbot? As Andrew Marr reminds … Continue reading

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Called By God in Kansas City: Bishops, Religious, Clergy

One of my readers asked for a comment on Rock’s post on a Kansas City’s Nun’s Story. I knew we had other breaking local news, too, so let me commit a possible faux pas by combining this link with another … Continue reading

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New Monasteries

A brief Zenit piece on monastery foundation in the Third World. The tropics hold little geographical interest for me, as you might guess, but my wife and I are on the mailing and donor list for Tautra, nearing completion of … Continue reading

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