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Confirmation Names

An interesting discussion unfolds this week at PrayTell on the practice of taking a confirmation name. For the purpose of full disclosure, I admit I have such a name. I also admit that I didn’t discourage the young miss when … Continue reading

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Finding The Place

With The Price Is Right providing the soundtrack to my morning today’s Scripture for my Ignatian retreat was Matthew 26:20-30. (Okay, it was two weeks ago, but so what?) Enter God’s graceful sense of humor about my annual post-Triduum ritual of … Continue reading

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Some Baptism Anniversaries

Today is one of our top family feasts: my wife’s baptism anniversary. It’s something of a conflict for her, as she remembers her entry into Full Communion somewhat more fondly than getting dunked in an on-stage pool in the evangelical … Continue reading

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Readying The Girl Cave

Day off today, so the basement got tackled. The young miss wants a somewhat larger bedroom. My wife was less enthusiastic about this in 2008 when we moved in. The basement was a better place to house the rabbits away … Continue reading

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More Frequent Blogging … Possibly

You might see more stuff on this site this week. The college students are on break. The young miss is on break. My beloved spouse is struggling with some health issues yesterday and today, so I’ll probably be sticking close … Continue reading

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Lunch Chicken For A Snowy Day

The young miss is in transit. As you see above, white has replaced gray and brown. Meanwhile, below, I have some wok-grilled chicken that I first browned, then poached in tomato juice, and then when it reduced, I poured in … Continue reading

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Before The Snow

Thunder is sounding in the skies above here. It’s a gray and dismal-looking day. Weather reports have hail in places in Iowa. Some just started tapping on our windows. Little bitty pieces. Other places to the west of us have … Continue reading

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