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Lunch Chicken For A Snowy Day

The young miss is in transit. As you see above, white has replaced gray and brown. Meanwhile, below, I have some wok-grilled chicken that I first browned, then poached in tomato juice, and then when it reduced, I poured in … Continue reading

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Before The Snow

Thunder is sounding in the skies above here. It’s a gray and dismal-looking day. Weather reports have hail in places in Iowa. Some just started tapping on our windows. Little bitty pieces. Other places to the west of us have … Continue reading

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Breakfast of Scholars

In the old days (before adolescence) I frequently prepared a hot breakfast for the young miss. In the modern era, maximizing sleep is a concern. There is often a single-digit number of minutes between waking and running for the bus. … Continue reading

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Blow But No Snow

Yesterday morning I got up early, and my wife had left a note on the clothes dresser, “Blizzard Warning, Story County.” I heard the wind and looked out: completely dry. No snow. One does need snow to engage blizzard conditions. … Continue reading

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Frozen Iowa

The school district messaged parents mid-afternoon: no classes tomorrow and an extra day of Christmas vacation. I expect people to be sleeping in, so it looks like I’ll get a stack of work done. Before baking cookies and putting together … Continue reading

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Winter Weather

For those of you in the central and northeastern part of North America, I wish and pray for safety and warmth in the days to come. I was reading that the state of Minnesota has cancelled school on Monday. Some … Continue reading

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Friday Festivities

Emerged from the home mid-afternoon yesterday to brave shopping and get a bite to eat. Upon arrival back home, the young miss was napping on the floor during Inspector Lewis and Gambit was left to wonder why we weren’t playing … Continue reading

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