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Hildegard in the Family

I’m not a fan of the practice of taking a confirmation name. I have “Andrew,” the first apostle and my boyhood parish’s patron. But I didn’t know better in ’72. The young miss settled on Hildegard. I approve of that. … Continue reading

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On The Road, Again

Hitting the road in a few hours. The young miss gets a cardiology check-up in Kansas City twice a year, and tomorrow morning is the first of these in 2013. That these fall during the school year is a slight … Continue reading

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“Walking Miracle”

The post title is how the doctors in Florida described my sister-in-law. I want to thank all those who prayed for her and for my wife and our family. It looked very bleak on Good Friday: taking her off the … Continue reading

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Weathering The Monopolies

Last night, I almost exhausted myself shovelling a walking path to the street. Ames got ten inches yesterday, but the drift in front of the house was well over a foot. I expected the schools to be open. I wanted … Continue reading

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Winter Descends

The much-anticipated/dreaded blizzard has struck Iowa tonight. We had some thunder and lightning with the snow. That last bit was freaky. The entire family has been holed up inside today. Despite two-thirds of us getting flu shots, we were all … Continue reading

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Teen Daughters Are Mysteries

Lately, I’ve been tapping into my assessment from forty years ago that female teens were intimidating, strange, and just a cause for worry. These days, I just can’t figure them out. Tuesday I asked the young miss, “It’s the last … Continue reading

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My wife uncovered this ten-year-old image of naptime. The young miss at age five, I believe. Splinter, our last white cat. Must have been a rough day at the parish, at pre-K, and in the rat race.

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Gambit, Ever Alert

The young miss with our younger cat. He cuddles unlike any other cat we’ve had. But he always has his eye out for prey.

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Taking Heart

Recently I was researching a bit into my daughter’s heart condition. In previous generations, she would have been like Pearl. There were no reconstructive surgeries possible, and she would have died long before she was ever available for adoption. I never … Continue reading

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The Young Miss and Her Cat

Our daughter has always been very hands-on with the family pets. They tolerate handling from her they resist mightily with me or my wife. She can sit our cats up in her lap like babies. We try it and they … Continue reading

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Road Trip

I had not considered blogging on the college visits today, but I may offer a few words at this time. My family lived in Kansas City from 2002 to 2008, and we’ve gotten good care for our daughter’s heart condition … Continue reading

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Posting Light; Spam Detour

Posting will be light for the next thirty-six hours. Off for an out-of-town medical appointment for the young miss, plus her first two college visits. Spammers, may I please direct your attention to the numerous Catholic web sites that get more … Continue reading

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Baptist Funeral

My mother’s only sibling passed away last Friday after nearly ninety-one years of life capped by a four-month struggle with cancer. She was my last and favorite aunt. Despite the trip aligning with the first three days of Iowa State … Continue reading

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Guilty Pleas

The man who used to be my daughter’s favorite priest pleaded guilty yesterday before going to trial. One “chapter” of a gritty and dirty Kansas City book is ending. Parents are relieved that their children will not have to testify … Continue reading

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Sleepless Before Skedaddle

The morning before a trip, I always wake early. It was 2:30AM today. We’re off to the Twin Cities in a few hours for a few days of vacay. Eventually, we’ll jettison the young miss to the camp bus on … Continue reading

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