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Australia’s Msgr Lynn Moment

In a development similar to charges filed against Philadelphia’s Msgr Lynn, a priest from the Maitland-Newcastle diocese has been charged with covering up the abuse of another priest. Some of the fourteen charges against Fr Tom Brennan relate to alleged … Continue reading

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MHR In the Blogo-Big Time

Frequent commenter and friend Jimmy Mac has been keeping me updated on the drag queen not welcome/welcome flap at his parish. Religion News Service’s daily roundup has linked to this secular outlet’s news piece. The news has hit the blogosphere big … Continue reading

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To The Dogs?

From Australia’s CathNews site, a liturgy mess. A Melbourne priest presides at liturgy outside the auspices of his archbishop. The Age reports on this. And it happened that while their reporter was in attendance, a visitor gave part of his communion … Continue reading

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Deportation For Peace and Good Order

Amidst this summer’s flock of worthy women, it should be noted that clergy, too, are persecuted for making a couerageous stand. Father Viateur Banyangandora was deported from Zambia for a peace and justice homily. The official line: Father Banyangandora’s conduct was … Continue reading

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Snapshots For The New Evangelization: Korea

We have a handful of Korean students at the student center. I’ve come to know a few of them, those involved in liturgical ministry. It’s always interesting to hear how faith has developed for different people in different cultures. My … Continue reading

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Liturgy Snapshots from A Sunday Pew

Whew! Back from a weekend in the Twin Cities. The young miss should be enjoying her first evening under the pine trees of central Minnesota as I type. Before I forget, I thought I’d relate some Sunday liturgy observations from the … Continue reading

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Sleepless Before Skedaddle

The morning before a trip, I always wake early. It was 2:30AM today. We’re off to the Twin Cities in a few hours for a few days of vacay. Eventually, we’ll jettison the young miss to the camp bus on … Continue reading

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I linked to Commonweal a few weeks ago about Padre Alejandro Solalinde’s true life battle for religious freedom. Unlike American prelates, many Christians around the world are facing far more serious threats. Also unlike some prelates, this particular Christian seems … Continue reading

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Priest: Employee or Office Holder?

This illustrates a serious quandry for the bishops: do they fight legal definitions? Any by doing so, do they express an adequate theology of the Church? Win or lose, have they set a moral (forget the canonical) precedent? Or, can … Continue reading

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Sr Stella, Worthy Woman

I saw this CNS piece on Benedictine sister Stella Matutina, victim of a nighttime raid by the Philippine military a few years ago: Along with three companions, including one novice from her congregation, she had gone to (Taytayan) at the … Continue reading

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BBC on Iowa State Fair

Hmm. BBC features the Iowa State Fair in a travel feature from the end of last week. Check out that butter cow!

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Sporting KC

Three weeks later, I’m still slightly abuzz with fond memories from my MLS outing with the young miss. We’ve been following Euro 2012–actually, it’s been more her, with me getting text updates at work after every goal. As a fan … Continue reading

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Dissatisfaction with Investigations, Episode 2

The American women religious weren’t too impressed the the CDF investigation of LCWR. How did they put it? (T)he assessment was based on unsubstantiated accusations and the result of a flawed process that lacked transparency. CNS reported today that four … Continue reading

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Lessons In Freedom

Have you caught Joseph Sorrentino’s Commonweal piece on Padre Alejandro Solalinde? From the priest who ministers to migrants from Central America through Mexico, and sometimes to the States: I see them as sheep without a pastor. Nobody helps them, they’re assaulted, many … Continue reading

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Rock Musician At The Keyboard

Indie rock musician finds himself in a church gig in Australia. I was thinking about that scene in The Commitments when a little Procol Harum breaks out at practice. The folks at St Kevin’s, Bangalow have that covered: Shortly after … Continue reading

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