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Sporting KC

Three weeks later, I’m still slightly abuzz with fond memories from my MLS outing with the young miss. We’ve been following Euro 2012–actually, it’s been more her, with me getting text updates at work after every goal. As a fan … Continue reading

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Dissatisfaction with Investigations, Episode 2

The American women religious weren’t too impressed the the CDF investigation of LCWR. How did they put it? (T)he assessment was based on unsubstantiated accusations and the result of a flawed process that lacked transparency. CNS reported today that four … Continue reading

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Lessons In Freedom

Have you caught Joseph Sorrentino’s Commonweal piece on Padre Alejandro Solalinde? From the priest who ministers to migrants from Central America through Mexico, and sometimes to the States: I see them as sheep without a pastor. Nobody helps them, they’re assaulted, many … Continue reading

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Rock Musician At The Keyboard

Indie rock musician finds himself in a church gig in Australia. I was thinking about that scene in The Commitments when a little Procol Harum breaks out at practice. The folks at St Kevin’s, Bangalow have that covered: Shortly after … Continue reading

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Following Up: Stations of King’s Cross

Two  months ago, I blogged on Stations of the King’s Cross, reproductions of paper cuttings depicting the Via Dolorosa for London train travelers. The artist has been in touch and sends this word: On Saturday 26th May an exhibition of … Continue reading

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Christ Ascends

Depending on your diocese or nation, you have already celebrated the Ascension or you will wait till Sunday. A reader sent me this link with a video of a statue of Christ rising to and through a ceiling hole in … Continue reading

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A Bishop Is More Than Employer

Jimmy Mac sent me this link to The Tablet with a legal defense for a British diocese: The diocese of Portsmouth this week insisted that a priest accused of abusing a child was employed “in the service” of God, not by … Continue reading

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RNS Features Cleveland Parishioner

It’s too bad the headline speaks of a fight and a win, but if a contest between a bishop and a lay person must be spoken of as a conflict, it might be better for the lay person to come … Continue reading

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Cut The Crucifixions

… say the Filipino bishops. Conference president Jose Palma, Archbishop of Cebu suggests renewal of faith rather than imitating Good Friday: While we are trying to discourage these practices we cannot also judge their intention, especially those who have made … Continue reading

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Stations of the King’s Cross

Clever. Artistic. Not a Harry Potter thing at all. Read up on the Herald feature here. Then visit the anonymous artist’s site to explore Stations of the King’s Cross a bit further. From the artist: It would be great if the wonder … Continue reading

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On My Bookshelf: The Roof at the Bottom of the World

My wife thought I was crazy bringing this book to bed on a cold winter’s night. But tucked in under the covers, I enjoyed last week’s read from Arizona State’s professor of exploration (that title is so cool) Edmund Stump. … Continue reading

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Atheists Swamp Nativity

I don’t know how far Santa Monica is from the La Brea tar pits, but it sure looks like the non-believers scored a slam-dunk into the sticky black for the War On Christmas this year. Atheists 18, Christians 2, Jews … Continue reading

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The Fab Five’s Irish Adventure

Jimmy Mac sent me the link to this piece from the Irish Independent. What a title: “Vatican’s finest can’t bridge deep schism.” A promising ecclesiastical dream team, no doubt. But it brings to mind another famous five that enjoyed a … Continue reading

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The Enemy Within?

A friend in Kansas City and I were chatting last week. I kept the conversation away from the troubles there. But near the end of our talk he said the whole situation remains “a mess.” After today’s news, maybe another … Continue reading

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Bishop For President

My friend John is in the US, visiting. I think he hits town here in the Midwest sometime next week. His bishop (John’s image from his blog, right) will be resigning soon, and is seeking Vatican permission to run for … Continue reading

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