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A Contemplative Ministry

I’m grateful for Rock’s providing us the text of Archbishop Rowan Williams’ remarks at the synod. I appreciate the strong theme of contemplation as a remedy for the dangers of being so narcissistic as we strive to do the mission … Continue reading

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A Critical Look at Pre-Synod

Paulists James C. Gorman and Robert S. Rivers write in America with their concerns on the upcoming Synod on the New Evangelization. Their leadoff premise: (W)e have some worries about the pastoral implementation of this enterprise. We suspect that the recent … Continue reading

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I Feel So 21st Century

Some of you know about the “small fire” at our parish center last week. The good news is that the cleaning company will get our basement classrooms ready for youth catechesis tomorrow, and staff will be back in our offices a week … Continue reading

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Busy Weeks Ahead

Posting may be light for a few days. Or maybe a week. I was very busy today, my usual day off. The fire in the balcony over the narthex at my church has caused quite a bit more damage than … Continue reading

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Sunday In Exile

Building inspectors have advised us not to hold Sunday worship in the church this weekend. I’ve been busy exploring alternate venues that accommodate our many students who do not have access to transportation to get them very far off campus … Continue reading

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Smoke Damage Day

While I was getting ready for bed, my phone fielded a v-mail about a small fire in the upper walkway at my parish. Building closed all day. The fire was quite limited, and nobody was harmed or injured. There seems … Continue reading

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Orienting New Liturgical Ministers

This is a common sight in our church these days: liturgical minister orientation. Occasionally, two sessions occur simultaneously. On the left, our new liturgy peer minister, Jessica, is working with three new Communion ministers. On the right, 10:30 choir director … Continue reading

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Off On Retreat

Posting may be somewhat sporadic the next three days. The campus ministry staff is leading a retreat for our fourteen peer ministers and coordinators at our diocesan retreat house. It’s rather strange to pull myself out of the retreat, even … Continue reading

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Composing the General Intercessions

I was pleased to land in a parish that had a long tradition of parishioners composing the Sunday prayers of the faithful. The pastor handed me a list and said I was now in charge of recruiting students, couples, and/or … Continue reading

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Late For Mass

The other Sunday I was in my office, and I heard an insistent tapping for about five minutes. Mr Goldfinch wasn’t at all camera shy. If he really wants to come to church, I suggested he look for the entrance the … Continue reading

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The Bus Stopped Here

Some of my parishioners got caught on camera as the religious sisters’ summer road trip commenced. I was sorry to miss it. Monday mornings I’m usually on the road with church errands. Plus my wife sent me to pick up … Continue reading

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Singing MR3 Runs Off The Rails

And I thought it was going so well in my parish. To set up what happened at the Eucharistic Prayer in my parish this morning at about 11:10, you should know that we work with good liturgical priests. But they’re a little … Continue reading

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Acceptance: The Cycle Begins Again

It was a bonus to come to a parish four years ago that did a year-round catechumenate. What’s that, you ask? Simply that we are focused on evangelization and welcoming twelve months a year. Not just in the Fall. And … Continue reading

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New Staff Colleagues

It’s always sad to see good colleagues move on. I’ve worked with our fine faith formation director and our outstanding campus minister for my four years here. But these great women–two of the most talented ministers I’ve ever been privileged … Continue reading

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Eucharistic adoration in our main worship space.

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