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Congregational Singing: A Wrong Issue?

A few Café folks asked for more than my very brief criticism of what I thought to be a wrong-headed editorial from Jeffrey Tucker. First, perhaps a few things need to be re-stated. I think Jeffrey is one fine fellow. Those … Continue reading

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Dressing for Blessing

There’s that apocryphal story of Thomas Aquinas’s family sending a naked prostitute into his room to dissuade him from becoming a Dominican. The Angelic Doctor was unmoved, so the tale goes. Messengers from heaven dressed him for lack of sexual … Continue reading

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A New Tone

I hadn’t surfed the Patheos conglomerate much the past few months. But when I returned, I did run across token Catholic progressive Max Lindenman’s piece “Darn Tootin’ Pope Francis Is A Liberal.” Given the amount of punditry expended on those … Continue reading

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Judging, Seeking, Good Will

Holy cow. I saw the BBC “top headline” on “Who am I to judge?” It occurred to me that a Catholic firestorm was coming, but I was pretty tired last night and went to bed early. I caught a little … Continue reading

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Where Can We Pray?

It’s entertaining to see how the secular Right morphs a story to suit its political aims. This piece was headlined, “Atheist group bullies high school into banning mom from praying for kids’ safety.” Actually, the atheist group leaned on school … Continue reading

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Schuller Tour Opens in Boston

Fr Helmut Schüller opened his US tour with an overflow crowd at a Unitarian Church. The archbishop pulled the plug on his appearance at a Catholic parish because … It is the policy of the Archdiocese of Boston … not … Continue reading

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Cover and Behind It

Tons of fuss about the Rolling Stone’s cover. Rock star treatment? Are they thinking Dr Hook? I don’t agree with the corporate promotion of the culture of indulgence, but RS does a quantity of serious journalism. And people other than … Continue reading

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Conflicted on Abortion

Nate Silver turns his prowess at poll analysis to abortion. Go read his analysis and spectate the graphs. His conclusion: (B)e wary of analysts who try to take this complexity argument too far. It’s true that any snapshot of public … Continue reading

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Can Children Expect to Have Certain Rights?

I was reading Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone’s statement about the US Supreme Court striking down DOMA this morning. CNS cited Francis X. Rocca’s conversation with him: He said the effect of the court’s decision is to “undermine in the law the principle … Continue reading

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A Bishop Backs The Bus

David Gibson reports at RNS: The nuns are back on the bus, this time riding for immigration reform. My story is here, but just as interesting is that they seem to be drawing support from their erstwhile antagonists, the bishops. … Continue reading

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ArchNY Providing, But Under Protest

So the Archdiocese of New York, since late last century, has bought into a health insurance system that provides for contraception and “voluntary” pregnancy termination. Post and discussion at dotCommonweal here. Archbishop Dolan has tempered his rhetoric as of late. … Continue reading

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(Watch)Dogging the Atheists

It’s a battle of prayers in the Arizona House. Atheist Rep Juan Mendez on Tuesday: Most prayers in this room begin with a request to bow your heads.  I would like to ask you not to bow your heads. I … Continue reading

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Narcissism in the Cathedral

Not a bishop breaking bad this time. I heard about this news story on NPR while driving my daughter back to school on an errand. Maybe it was the setting of my day: a brisk cool morning and an early … Continue reading

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A New Dictatorship

Pope Benedict’s “Dictatorship of Relativism” always struck me as a soft adversary. Relativism, as I understand the broad sense of it, is often used as an excuse by some people who otherwise have good intentions. Even the deeply religious Catholic. … Continue reading

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Retirement Bad?

Is retirement really bad, or is this a gentle nudge by our Corporate Masters to convince us that grinding away to our graves is a personally healthy thing? You’ll notice it’s on the BBC Business page. Not in the health and … Continue reading

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