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Some Advice

Ross Murray at the WaPo has some suggestions for Cardinal Dolan. As outlined here, I think it’s good advice: (S)top talking about LGBT people and spend more time listening to them. If Cardinal Dolan cannot talk about LGBT people without uttering … Continue reading

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Bad-Mouthing the Patriarchs

Lent concludes at sundown. Indeed, as this is posted, a good chunk of the Eastern hemisphere is already into the Triduum, washing feet and transferring the Eucharist for adoration and prayer. I’ve been noting the heightened discussion the past few … Continue reading

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One Last Post On The New Pope

NCR’s John Allen profiled him the other week. This spot didn’t give me cause for alarm: These were the years of the military junta in Argentina, when many priests, including leading Jesuits, were gravitating towards the progressive liberation theology movement. … Continue reading

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If You Don’t Feed The Lions …

Nice quote from Fr Thomas Reese, NCRep correspondent in Rome: If the Vatican won’t give the media proper information, then all the creative writing and conspiracy theories start coming out. You have got to feed the lions – if not … Continue reading

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Will The Conservatives Ever Be Happy?

Quick answer: no. Remember this pic of exultant sems in Rome? The party was almost over the day after Habemus Papam. I suspect that nothing would have satisfied the Catholic Right, especially many of the folks who inhabited the internet … Continue reading

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More Jail Talk

A new legislative year starts, and bishops are lining up to go to jail over the HHS mandate which, as far as I can tell, is still in the negotiation stage. It’s interesting to suggest one might go to jail … Continue reading

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Who Patrons Impasses?

Bishop Finn invoked Saint Francis de Sales. He’d like to be rid of the NCRep. Kansas City’s conservative Catholics are, understandably, upset with a situation of ecclesiastical impotence: I have received letters and other complaints about NCR from the beginning … Continue reading

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No More Russian Children to the US

This is not new information, that tomorrow a Russian law goes into effect that makes illegal the American adoption of Russian children. UCA News covers it here, with this statement about the state of those children’s souls: Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, … Continue reading

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Newt Joins Huck On The Godless Trail

Former House Speaker and relatively new Catholic Newt Gingrich has joined the Arkansas preacher and former governor on the meme that America’s not religious enough. Mr Gingrich: When you have an anti-religious, secular bureaucracy and secular judiciary, seeking to drive … Continue reading

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NRA Goes Dark

Facebook and Twitter for the NRA has been shut down. I suppose there’s nothing to say in polite (or even internet) company these days about lobbying for semiautomatic weaponry and armor-piercing ammunition. My own history is that my dad owned … Continue reading

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Accidental Religion?

I was reading about the yoga fuss in Encinitas, California public schools. Maybe a person views yoga as exercise, and the use of brain, breathing, and stretching to feel better. So, can that person accidentally practice religion? I suppose the same could be … Continue reading

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Political Thinking on Abortion

Is it time to end the political pro-life movement? One blogger forwards the idea. Or given that the abortion rate has been in a slight tailspin for a decade, helped apparently by the current presidency, maybe it’s time to shift … Continue reading

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A Thanksgiving Octave Assembles

Black Friday, then Small Business Saturday make a Triduum. Cyber Monday tacked on, and now a #Giving Tuesday. Naturally, the conservatives will be hopping all over this attempt to get charity out of government hands and into the people’s, where … Continue reading

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Busy Bishops

Coverage of the Fall USCCB Meeting, Day 1. Archbishops Dolan and Vigano counseled contrition and holiness. Channeling his inner Chesterton, the Jovial One asked what’s wrong with the world, and answered: I am. The Vatican’s ambassador to the US: We … Continue reading

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At The Polls

Tuesday was a thrilling, but deeply busy day. Now that I have two nights of sleep, I’ve recovered in part. Tuesday morning I was filled with the brand of excitement of a kid before a big event the next day. … Continue reading

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