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Polls Not Posts

I had no time for a quick post or two yesterday morning, and the energy for only one last night. (Hence the switch for RS and GMD–as of today I’ll be posting on evangelization in the American morning, and dropping … Continue reading

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Shame For Bishops

Bishop Robert Lynch didn’t mince words when talking about the prospect of war, including a serious lament for what transpired a decade ago: I am ashamed to say that the Catholic Church in the United States sadly gave President George … Continue reading

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From Fury

There is no fury like conservatives scorned. I sampled the start of Joseph Bottum’s essay, and some of the comments here and there especially. To be accurate, it’s really a trait of human nature, not just conservatives. The fury, I … Continue reading

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Three times in the past few hours. I don’t know if that’s serendipity or dumb luck or coincidence. I’ve run across this word today, “respect” in a live conversation, a telephone chat, and online, too. Maybe that’s an urging to … Continue reading

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No Food Fighting

Mark Pinsky at RNS thinks the LCWR took the high road at last week’s meeting. He cited a comment from Fr Thomas Reese: Now it’s no longer a food fight. They’re talking; they’re having a conversation. It’s like couples counseling. … That’s … Continue reading

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I’m not surprised that Archbishop Rowan Williams is getting some grief from some commentators for his premise that some maturity is needed to bring perspective to Christian so-called persecution in Britain and the US. The retired AofC on the notion … Continue reading

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Throwing Mud

Man, is Bishop Lynch going to get some flying watery dirt thrown his way for this post on his blog. It began with a group called the “Population Research Institute” which is an allegedly pro-life group and spread to a … Continue reading

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