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Gratitude, And Lack Thereof

Frequent commenter Jimmy Mac sent me the link to this YouTube video. The LCWR sisters thank the waitstaff at the hotel. As of this morning, ten likes, twenty-four dislikes. I guess some Catholics still bristle at the notion that sisters … Continue reading

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Show Me The Right To Pray

My former fellow-Missourians have a special election tomorrow to send Christians home from their long road trip. Rev. Terry Hodges of First Baptist Church in Odessa, said that if Amendment 2 passes, it will “level the playing field.” Hodges said … Continue reading

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Deportation For Peace and Good Order

Amidst this summer’s flock of worthy women, it should be noted that clergy, too, are persecuted for making a couerageous stand. Father Viateur Banyangandora was deported from Zambia for a peace and justice homily. The official line: Father Banyangandora’s conduct was … Continue reading

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Marriage, American Style

Just noting a few adventures in marriage. First, the black couple who, despite being members of Crystal Springs First Baptist Church, were married in another church when their pastor bowed to pressure from a supposed minority of white members. Under … Continue reading

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LCWR Response Coming Soon

Laurie Goodstein at the NYT has a feature up this weekend on the upcoming LCWR meeting and the response to come from a summer of discernment. I guess my own summer has been roaring by; I didn’t realize the moment … Continue reading

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RNS on Ross

Ross Douthat’s takedown of liberal Christianity is itself given a brisk one-two in the gut by Mark Silk and Daniel Burke at RNS. Mr Douthat is smarter than this: As a result, today the Episcopal Church looks roughly how Roman … Continue reading

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Beef and Chicken

Anthony Stevens-Arroyo’s WaPo commentary on nuns, bus, bishops, and gas didn’t quite hit the spot for me. Granted, like him and the sisters, I’m concerned about religious freedom, even as my supervisors frame it. I think the bishops were the … Continue reading

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Pope Benedict, Stalker?

I like the UCANews site for its coverage of Catholic matters across the continent of Asia. Their commentary is often thoughtful and occasionally tart, like this essay by Fr William Grimm, who suggests that schismatic Catholics aren’t the only ones … Continue reading

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A few quick things about the SCOTUS ruling. Some, but not all opponents of health care insurance have had a field day with innuendo, caricature, and outright lies, I’m going to suspend my opposition to ACA (for being too conservative … Continue reading

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Shots, Fair or Foul

Charles took me to task for refering to this widely circulated quote attributed to Cardinal George, the archbishop of Chicago, when the state of Illinois expanded LBGT rights: I expect to die in bed, my successor will die in prison, and … Continue reading

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Lessons In Freedom

Have you caught Joseph Sorrentino’s Commonweal piece on Padre Alejandro Solalinde? From the priest who ministers to migrants from Central America through Mexico, and sometimes to the States: I see them as sheep without a pastor. Nobody helps them, they’re assaulted, many … Continue reading

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Bishop Blair on LCWR

At the Bench, Greg linked this column from Toledo bishop Leonard Blair on the doctrinal investigation of the LCWR.  (I)t is a great cross sometimes to know firsthand the actual facts of a situation and then have to listen to … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong With Alliances?

My conservative foils in the Catholic blogosphere will probably howl over this one, but I once worked with a fairly liberal priest who told me I had a credibility issue with the parish’s lesbian and gay parishioners. I shrugged and … Continue reading

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Another Day of Civic Duty

I wish I had known about being an election official years ago. I’d been waiting to get on jury duty forever. But at my older brother’s encouragement, I volunteered to work the 2008 elections after I moved back to Iowa. … Continue reading

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Seeing Water Flow

World News Australia reports more Vatican leaks, even though the butler is detained. Maybe he’s masterminding the whole thing from his police holding cell. Who else is named in webs of deceit? Cardinal Bertone. Monsignor Georg Gänswein, the pope’s personal … Continue reading

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