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Another Day of Civic Duty

I wish I had known about being an election official years ago. I’d been waiting to get on jury duty forever. But at my older brother’s encouragement, I volunteered to work the 2008 elections after I moved back to Iowa. … Continue reading

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Seeing Water Flow

World News Australia reports more Vatican leaks, even though the butler is detained. Maybe he’s masterminding the whole thing from his police holding cell. Who else is named in webs of deceit? Cardinal Bertone. Monsignor Georg Gänswein, the pope’s personal … Continue reading

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Police Adventures

The downfall of the 1%: no gratitude. This is like a Clue result: It was Butler Brown, in private chambers, with a cell phone camera. Actually, the dude’s name is Paolo Gabriele. Early news reports today declined to say where … Continue reading

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The Pope Signs on with James Martin

Good words, reported widely, from Pope Benedict: I wish to reaffirm my deep gratitude for the example of fidelity and self-sacrifice given by many consecrated women in your country. He could do worse than to sign on to Fr James Martin’s … Continue reading

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Hold Your Breath: A Good Word For The Episcopacy

A few of my readers take me to task for never hardly ever having a good thing to say about bishops. In my defense, I might say that Christus Dominus was one of the very first Vatican II documents studied … Continue reading

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More Trouble for the Legion

The AP released the news, hopped on by just about every Catholic outlet in the world over the past twenty-four hours, that the curia is pondering a small stack of dossiers in its possession: (T)he Legion (of Christ) confirmed it … Continue reading

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Cardinal Red, Hot

Irish theologian and Joseph Ratzinger protege Vincent Twomey thinks the Primate of All Ireland should resign. Ireland’s Deputy PM too. Is it safe for Cardinal Brady to get kicked up into Rome? The Law seat is no longer open. But … Continue reading

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CDF >>> CPF? It’s The Law

Grant Gallicho at dotCommonweal notes that The Tablet and Chiesa have scooped John Allen (not to mention Rocco Palmo) on the brains (or lack thereof) behind the LCWR witch hunt. Is this Bernard Law’s long distance middle finger to Catholics … Continue reading

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Interdict: Why Wouldn’t That Play In Cleveland?

I see where Madison’s Bishop Morlino is mightily p***ed off at those Catholic laity in Platteville, Wisconsin who don’t like his rent-a-priests. He sent them a five-page letter with cut-and-paste from canon law, including the mention of the penalty of interdict. … Continue reading

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Institutional Incompetence

Andrew Hamilton has an Australian and a historical perspective on the CDF-LCWR situation. History first, with the tale of Mary Ward, who wanted to adopt the Jesuit rule and, with other women, teach and perform pastoral duties–outside of a convent. … Continue reading

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Call In The Police, The Saints

More from the Catholic culturecivilwar, the LCWR conference continues as scheduled. The Catholic Right can continue in glee poking at the conference speakers and topics. That will keep the stovetop temperature high. Maybe they’ll have a hissy like Chinese police … Continue reading

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More Anti-Gay Flim-Flam

You wouldn’t think an experienced journalist like Greg Kandra would get punked by anti-gay rabble-rousers. But he did. I just don’t see the point in being a piece of tissue paper in the internet maelstrom. Supposedly, if a story moves … Continue reading

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Now his elder son was in the field; and when he came and approached the house, he heard music and dancing. He called one of the slaves and asked what was going on. He replied, “Your brother has come, and … Continue reading

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An Iowa Bishop Does Good

Good sense from one of our Iowa bishops: All restrictions should be systematically examined and eliminated so that the complete abolition of the embargo and its harmful effects can be achieved. These burdens are not borne by the members of … Continue reading

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Playing The Adoption Card

I see the USCCB is playing the adoption card in its latest culturewar adventure: Catholic foster care and adoption services. Boston, San Francisco, the District of Columbia, and the state of Illinois have driven local Catholic Charities out of the … Continue reading

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