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Who, Us?

Back in the days when she rescued rabbits, my wife and I used to joke that we had a Prey Floor (where we lived with the cats and dog) and the Predator Floor (where the bunnies lived on their way through … Continue reading

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Antarctic Monasticism

Feeling a bit better today. But with howling winds pushing the falling and fallen snow, I don’t think I’ll be venturing out until much later today. They already closed the church office. Did I mention this was tabbed the worst … Continue reading

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Sandy From Space

A day’s worth of Atlantic coast meteorological menace in a thirty second video on Universe Today. Considering the 850-mile stretch of this storm, one can imagine the power. The cloud stretch over the inland, that must be the storm system riding … Continue reading

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Space Aquarium

I see the astronauts at the International Space Station are getting pets of sorts. More than pet fish, really. These little guys will help researchers determine the progress of bone and muscle loss in a microgravity (weightless) environment. That’s the … Continue reading

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Planted In Two Worlds

I’ve been reading Brian Clegg’s book, Gravity: How the Weakest Force in the Universe Shaped Our Lives. This isn’t a review of the book, which I’m not quite halfway through. I’d like to look at his treatment of aristotelianism as … Continue reading

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I see Catholic comboxes are heating up over another commencement speaker. At the Bench, Greg Kandra picks it up from LSN, which gives its readers contacts at DePaul University for the registration of complaints. I’d love to sit down with … Continue reading

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Enterprise Over The Apple

Space shuttle Enterprise flies over New York City this morning. Good feature and images at Universe Today. This ship never flew in space; it was the first one built and served as a test vehicle for the program that followed.

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On My Bookshelf: Astronomy Non-Fiction

Two short and enjoyable reads this past week. Last night I finished Alone in the Universe. John Gribbin takes the reader through a careful tour–in turn: the galaxy, the sun, the solar system, the Earth, the Cambrian Explosion, and human … Continue reading

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Spiders For Violins

What do you string players make of the thought of utilizing spider silk for violin strings? BBC news bit and sample audio here. There is a species of spider known as “violin spiders,” (image, right) but Shigeyoshi Osaki used a … Continue reading

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On My Bookshelf: Endings

The night before my wife’s surgery, she caught me reading Chris Impey’s How It Ends: From You to the Universe. She was a little concerned, but it wasn’t about her. Honest. Professor Impey’s third popular science (PopSci) book (I’ve not … Continue reading

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Another Undersea Tunnel

I wonder what Governor Palin would think about this. Someday it might be possible to take a train from Boston to Glasgow via Asia.

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BBC on BCE and CE

I find it hard to get as excited as some about the BBC’s decision to keep the numbers but adjust the lettering. L’Osservatore Romano, as quoted on CNS yesterday: To deny the historically revolutionary importance of the coming of Christ … Continue reading

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Oil Billionaires Verify Climate Change

I like this. After sixteen million measurements, a group of climate change skeptics has results that pretty much match what climatologists have been saying all along. This group claims it will have several times the raw data that other climatologists … Continue reading

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Diagnosis: Extinction

Human religion has evolved over the centuries. Is it heading to extinction in some parts? The BBC reports that using the mathematical model of nonlinear dynamics, a Northwestern University team suggests religion is going the way of the dinosaur and … Continue reading

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Tracking the Storm

The movement of clouds is so beautiful from above. What’s underneath them, much less so, from the view on the ground.

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