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Oil Billionaires Verify Climate Change

I like this. After sixteen million measurements, a group of climate change skeptics has results that pretty much match what climatologists have been saying all along. This group claims it will have several times the raw data that other climatologists … Continue reading

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Diagnosis: Extinction

Human religion has evolved over the centuries. Is it heading to extinction in some parts? The BBC reports that using the mathematical model of nonlinear dynamics, a Northwestern University team suggests religion is going the way of the dinosaur and … Continue reading

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Tracking the Storm

The movement of clouds is so beautiful from above. What’s underneath them, much less so, from the view on the ground.

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Yellowstone Slumbers

One of the world’s most dangerous volcanoes could bury two-thirds of the continental US if 640000BC repeats itself. The new that the Yellowstone hot spot may be securely under the Rockies: I like that. Should we be nervous that the … Continue reading

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IVF: Not Necessarily Soul

I received a communication from the site, and a suggestion I link to their 160-second piece summing up major reaction to the 2010 Nobel Prize for Medicine. One thing that caught my ear was the assumption that a fertilized … Continue reading

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What Do You Mean It Was Just A Symbol?

I see the attempt to mock climatologists has had something of a reverse effect. Mark, too, has been taken in by the cute picture of a polar bear on an isolated oceanic ice chunk. (Not the real image on the … Continue reading

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Teach Creation, But Not In Science Class

South Australia’s Non-Government Schools Registration Board says creationism can be taught, but not in science class. That strikes me as about right. The ruling that … … a science curriculum in a non-government school which is based on, espouses or … Continue reading

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Freezing Fog

Interesting weather here in central Iowa yesterday and today. Clouds ordinarily high up in the sky have clung to the ground. With temperatures just at freezing, it looks freaky-beautiful around here. The young miss commented that it’s like Narnia under … Continue reading

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Move Over Marty; It’s The Plastic

A link between feminized boys and contemporary music has yet to be made. But researchers from my undergrad alma mater have called into question shower curtains, vinyl floors, and other plastics to which little boys are exposed. When I was … Continue reading

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Let’s Chill on Global Cooling

The Universe Today blog reports on a blind study in which statisticians were presented with disguised data on warming trends. Seth Borenstein from AP has the original article here. Deke Arndt from NOAA: The last 10 years are the warmest … Continue reading

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Bishop Olmsted on End-of-Life Issues

I noticed Phoenix bishop Thomas Olmsted’s Directives for Catholics Concerning Artificially Administered Nutrition and Hydration. I was pleased to see the recognition of the body’s natural shutdown during the dying process, the end of the body digesting food and processing … Continue reading

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I asked the docent at the Butterfly Garden at the Minnesota Zoo, “Why isn’t the term ‘flutter-by’?” I caught a few moths, like this luna moth: And this moth >>> <<< and this butterfly I used to be able to … Continue reading

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Conspiracy? That’s Ice

I like the discussion on the Universe Today site about arctic ice photos declassified by the Obama administration. Easy to see why the Bushies would want to keep this under their hats. (I wonder how much of the financial mess … Continue reading

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Stem Cells, Embryonic and Other

I’ve been following the Catholic blogoutrage on embryonic stem cell research, so hearing about it on NPR today took me a bit by surprise. One would think the matter was already settled and the Furnaces of Death already fired up. … Continue reading

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Baseball Jock Flunks Math/Science

Not A-Rod, but G-Will. In his defense, he’s a good writer, and I think his books on baseball stand out above his political punditry. Funny how something as obvious as climate change can make chumps out of otherwise smart people.

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