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Reconciliation Lectionary: James 2:14-26

One might ask what the discussion about faith and works is doing in the Reconciliation Lectionary. It’s a frequent Christian discussion, sometimes an unfortunate argument across our sad divisions, as to what Saint James means when he insists that faith … Continue reading

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17 Tammuz

Tuesday as a fast day for peace: Rabbi Arthur Waskow writes in The American Muslim: What is 17 Tammuz about? It commemorates the day when the Babylonian Army broke through the walls of Jerusalem in 586 BCE, three weeks before … Continue reading

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Reconciliation Lectionary: Psalm 123

This is one of the shorter pieces in the Psalter, a humble prayer for those on pilgrimage to Jerusalem. (Cf. Psalms 120-134) The entire psalm text is given as an option in the rite at number 144. The antiphon is: … Continue reading

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Peter and Paul: Are These The Best Readings?

This is one of those few weekends where there is a different set of readings for Saturday and Sunday. Let the liturgically astute among us be forewarned. With two possible Gospel readings, one of my colleagues at school was surprised … Continue reading

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Reconciliation Lectionary: Ephesians 5:1-14

Ephesians 5 gets a lot of attention for how its author dealt with the relationship of husband and wife. Be assured the Rite of Penance doesn’t touch upon this chapter’s hot spot. There are shorter versions of this reading in … Continue reading

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Knowing Christ

The students have “WNL” (Wednesday Night Liturgy) weekly during the summer session. Tonight they did Lectio Divina, and naturally, I could not stay away. (I had some last-minute packing up in my office to boot.) The Scripture they gave was … Continue reading

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Camelopardalis: Inside the Spots

I did not stay up to view the rocky debris that appeared to originate from the northern sky the other night. Universe Today has this detailed report from Minnesota. The Camelopardalid meteor shower may be new, but I have known … Continue reading

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