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Another 2013 Person, Not Pope Francis

Poor Pope Francis. Out-polled by an American president, named best-dressed for not wearing martyr’s shoes, and now bypassed for another popularity “honor” by a layperson, at least according to NCR: NCR has been reporting on the priest sex abuse crisis since … Continue reading

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Msgr Lynn In Limbo

After eighteen months in prison, Msgr William Lynn, national Catholic scapegoat, will endure another twist in his landmark case. If someone can guarantee a quarter of a million in dollars, he will be freed, pending a resolution of the mess … Continue reading

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Vigor: Does It Fit?

Merriam-Webster online defines vigor: 1.  active bodily or mental strength or force 2. active healthy well-balanced growth especially of plants 3. intensity of action or effect :force 4. effective legal status Bishop Daniel Condon wrote to the NYT contesting a small part of the … Continue reading

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“You Deserve Better”

A headline and a fair and honest quote from the St Paul-Minneapolis archbishop, John Nienstedt, preaching at a suburban parish in his diocese. He also was quoted in CNS: The negative news reports about past incidents of clerical sexual abuse in … Continue reading

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Checklist for the New Commission

Liam’s link didn’t work directly, but I was able to find Cardinal O’Malley’s statement with a little sleuthing. (Click here, then click “Inglese” if it comes up in Italian.) The new commission for the protection of minors includes this checklist: … Continue reading

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Cardinal Mahony Featured

Check this devastating report on Cardinal Roger Mahony. The man has largely disappeared from public view since the conclave. But in retirement he still blogs, mainly in immigration policy advocacy. The report seems thorough and balanced–more than fair to a man … Continue reading

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The Numbers Narrative

Rochester’s local media dissects Bishop Matano’s presser yesterday. Are numbers important? There is hope that a new bishop will bring new energy and life to a diocese. Bishop Matano focused, it is observed, on settling sex abuse cases. Is that … Continue reading

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Archbishop John Nienstedt pledges to restore trust. In reading words like these, I look for how things are expressed. Passive voice: The first thing that must be acknowledged is that over the last decade some serious mistakes have been made. … Continue reading

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Sex Abuse and Excuses in Latin America

NBC reviews recent problems in Latin America. Journalist Simeon Tegel lays a lot at the feet of “conservative” clergy south of the border. Is that fair? He does mention the wide range of ideological sympathies in Catholic clergy in many … Continue reading

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New Jersey Silence

What to make of the NJ bishops’ silence on same-sex marriage in their state? Rocco’s twitter feed suggests they’re laying low because of cover-up scandals. It’s not illogical to think so. Reader know I’m more of the mind of bolstering … Continue reading

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No Smell of Goat

Week five of my Ignatian online retreat asks me to look at the deep and real evil in the world. The web site: How much denial of God’s right to praise, reverence, and service can we experience this week? How … Continue reading

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Caught Sexting

I can think of one reaction to this priest. Ew. Empowering that objects of the cleric’s sexual scrutiny were actually setting up a sting that resulted in his departure from ministry. Stephen Webster, a former seminarian, stalked from age 18: … Continue reading

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I see in the news that my former colleague is facing a half-century in federal prison. This is a very long fall from the adulation of people for a freshly-minted priest. Some disconnected thoughts on this: It’s hard to tell … Continue reading

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In Scotland, a “Mockery” of Canon Law

Scotland’s Catholics, reeling from scandal at the top, now have another one brewing. Is this a hierarchy making a transparent attempt at punishing a priest who went public with serious accusations embarrassing to bishops? Gerard McGee comes to the defense … Continue reading

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Nauseated Catholics

RNS picked up the headline from Cardinal Dolan’s appearance in Milwaukee. New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan says one reason some Catholics have left the church is that they’ve been “shocked, saddened and nauseated by the sinful behavior” of some of … Continue reading

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